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SAP Cloud Applications Studio

How to configure thing based navigation to standard QV and TI?



1        Goal

2        Configure
Designer properties

3        Configure
the thing type information in data model

4        Check
which ID you can use for Navigation (UUID / InternalID)

5        Display
different Text than UUID (looks nicer)

(Credit of this text goes to Thomas Schneider )

  1. ID/Description mapping: For a
    “modern” UI design, you might want to hide the IDs on your UIs and show the
    name or descriptions of the BOs only. To do so, maintain the ID/Description
    1. On the Designer tab of the UI
      designer, you can set the property "PresentationMode" to
    2. Go to the DataModel tab of the UI
      designer, select an ID field (for example the AccountID) and maintain the
      property “Identifier Description” (for example ToAccount -> CurrentCommon
      -> BusinessPartnerFormattedName)