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SAP TechEd Live 2013 Interview Replay Catalog


SAP TechEd Live is an interview program that takes place live on the show floor during the conferences in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangalore. We produced over 100 interviews with SAP executives, SAP Mentors, bloggers and analysts, customers, SAP partners, and other SAP experts discussing SAP innovations, developments, and product news with the global ecosystem.

Explore the catalog for rich content produced on a variety of topics, and share the relevant interview segments with your communities. All SAP TechEd interview replays, as well as keynotes and lecture content, are available on the virtual platform.

Interviews by Topic/Type

Executive Interviews

Innovation, Technology Leadership, and the Internet of Things -- Former Member (SAP Mentor and Global VP, Big Data, SAP) interviews Former Member (President, SAP Platform Solutions).

Interview with Dr. Vishal Sikka, Member of the Executive Board, SAP AG (Las Vegas) -- @Jon Reed (Independent Blogger/Analyst, hosts Former Member.

Interview with Xiaoqun Clever, President of SAP Labs China -- Former Member (VP and COO, SCN) interviews Former Member.

The Redefined Role of the CIO – Accelerating Innovation for the Customer -- @Owen Pettiford (SAP Mentor, Co-CEO and Consulting Director at CompriseIT) speaks one-on-one with @Bjoern Goerke (EVP, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, and Chief Information Officer SAP AG) about his dual role at SAP.

RDS as the New Implementation Paradigm in the Cloud and Everywhere -- Former Member discusses RDS with @Bernd Welz (EVP, Solution and Knowledge Packaging, SAP).

Interview with Dr. Vishal Sikka, Member of the Executive Board, SAP AG (Bangalore) -- Former Member visited the studio again in Bangalore and talked to Former Member (SAP Mentor and Global VP, Big Data, SAP) to talk about SAP Ganges and other topics covered during the keynote.

Interview with Bernd Leukert, Head of Application Innovation and Member of the Global Managing Board of SAP AG -- Dilipkumar Khandelwal talks about the future of applications with Bernd Leukert.

Interview with Maggie Fox and Ingrid VanDenHoogen -- Former Member (VP and COO, SCN) interviews Former Member, Senior Vice President Digital Marketing at SAP and Former Member, Senior Vice President, SAP Technology Marketing.

Interview with Ferose V R, Head of the Globalization Services Organization -- V R Ferose talks to Venkatesh D K about the growth of SAP TechEd in India and his new role he assumed last year.


SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite

SAP HANA and SAS Update -- @Ken Tsai discusses the strategic announcement with Paul Kent (VP of Big Data, SAS Software) and Former Member (SVP, Technology and Innovation Platform, SAP).

SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: Combined Value for Customers - Former Member (VP, SAP Database and Technology) talk big picture with @Bjoern Goerke and Eric Johnson (SVP and General Manager, SAP Database and Technology).

SAP Runs SAP Business Suite on HANA and the Role of IT - Former Member (VP, Product Strategy, SAP Labs) examines the world’s largest implementation of Suite on HANA with SAP Americas CIO @Michael Golz.

Developing SAP HANA Technical Skills -- Former Member (SAP Mentor and Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP) leads a discussion with HANA Distinguished Engineers @Thorsten Franz (SAP Mentor, SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer, Founder at operatics) and Former Member (Senior Principal Architect, Global BI Strategy/Architecture Group, Medtronic).

Announcing SAP BW on HANA Trial Offer -- @Dan Kearnan (Senior Director, SAP HANA Marketing) and Former Member talk about the importance of a new trial offering.

Update on SAP HANA Roadmap and Tools -- Former Member (SAP Mentor and Head of SAP, Fritz & Macziol (Schweiz) AG) talks with Former Member (Senior Development Manager, SAP) and @Gregor Wolf (SAP Mentor and ABAP Geek)

Digging into SAP HANA Native Development -- @DJ Adams (SAP Mentor and Principal Consultant, Bluefin Solutions) digs deep with @Thomas Jung (SAP Mentor and Director, SAP HANA Product Management).

SAP River Vision and Strategy:  Introducing the SAP River Definition Language -- @Ken Tsai talks to Former Member about SAP River: the next generation, real time development experience for building native SAP HANA applications.

ABAP Code Pushdown through SAP HANA -- Former Member, Former Member, and @Arvind Devalla discuss ABAP and SAP HANA optimization, specifically the "push down" method.

SAP River Language and Architecture: Introduction to SAP HANA Native Application Development -- SAP Mentor Former Member hosts a deep dive into SAP River led by David Lotan and Lior Schejter


SAP HANA Infrastructure in the Cloud, Provided by SAP and AWS -- Former Member (VP Business Development, Office of the CTO, SAP) speaks with Former Member (VP, In-Memory Cloud Computing, SAP).

Dev Talk on SAP HANA Cloud Platform -- @Matthias Steiner (Cloud Platform Evangelist at SAP) and Former Member (SAP Mentor and Chief HR Geek, Discovery Consulting) stay grounded in this discussion.

How is SAP doing in the cloud? An interview with SAP Cloud Strategist Sven Denecken -- @Richard Hirsch (SAP Mentor, Atos) takes on @Sven Denecken (VP, Cloud Solutions Strategy, SAP) in a two-part discussion on cloud. Part I has a focus on UX, mobile, end-user, and hybrid.

Have No Fear, Cloud is Here -- Former Member (SAP Mentor and Independent SAP HCM Consultant) continues the discussion with @Sven Denecken and @Frank Koehntopp (SAP Mentor and SAP Security Expert) focusing on more on hybrid, integration, and security.


SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 and the Mobile Enterprise -- @Jim Jaquet, Senior Director, Product Marketing, SAP Mobile Platform talks mobile with:

  • Former Member (Global VP, Product Management, SAP Mobile Platform)
  • @Paul Aschmann (SAP Mentor, Lithium Labs)
  • Former Member (Mobile Architect, Varian)

How to Get the Best Return on Your Mobile Investments with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 -- Former Member (Senior Mobile Marketing Manager, SAP) interviewsFormer Member (Global VP, Mobile Strategy at SAP) and Former Member (Principal, Accenture Mobility).

Innovation without Disruption: Balancing Existing Investments with Emerging Mobile Technologies -- Former Member leads a panel with:

  • Former Member (Global VP, SAP Mobile Secure )
  • Former Member (Mobile Product Expert, SAP)
  • Former Member (SVP of Mobile Strategy and Solution Management, SAP)

Unlocking the Potential of SAP Mobile Services -- Former Member discusses what SAP Mobiler services is looking to achieve for customers with Former Member, Head of Syclo Services, SAP, and @Shantanu Garg, Head of Mobile Services, SAP Global Delivery.


What’s Happening in the Analytics WorldFormer Member (Senior Director, Customer Engagement, SAP) focuses on SAP Lumira on a discussion with Stephane Le Cam (SVP, Business Intelligence Development, SAP).

Agile Analytics -- @Timo Elliott  (Innovation Evangelist, SAP) probes into analytics with @Ronald Konijnenburg (SAP Mentor and Principal BI Consultant, CGI) and @Andy Steer (UK Group CTO for itelligence).

User Experience

Creating User Experiences that Drive Innovation for Businesses and Consumers -- @Simon Kemp (SAP Mentor and National Solution Lead, PLAUT IT Australia) interviews Former Member (Global Head of Design and User Experience, SAP).

SAP Screen Personas -- Former Member interviews Former Member (SVP, Head of SAP Imagineering).

From Wearable Devices to Consumer Engagement Apps Built on the SAP HANA Platform -- Former Member  (VP, Technology and Innovation Marketing, SAP) interviews @John Astill (SAP Mentor and Development Architect, SAP Global IT Mobile CoE) and @Greg Myers (SAP Mentor and Principal Technical Architect, EV Technologies).

SAP Screen Personas and the Overall UX GTM Strategy in D&T -- Chandramohan Sankaran learns about SAP Screen Personas and where UX is going in the near future with Former Member (Director, Platform Solutions Group, SAP) and Itay Sagiv (Product Manager, BIT Portals, SAP)

SAP NetWeaver Etc.

Develop Like Never Before with ABAP in Eclipse@Gregor Wolf gets to the nuts and bolts with @Thomas Fiedler (Product Owner, ABAP in Eclipse, SAP) and @Christiaan Edward Swanepoel (Product Owner, ABAP for SAP HANA Tools in Eclipse, SAP).

SAP Solution Manager Strategy and Roadmap -- @Raquel Cunha (SAP Mentor and SAP Solution Manager Consultant, Vinit) interviews Former Member, SVP, Application Lifecycle Management.

Latest Innovations with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 ITSM and Change Control Management -- @Raquel Cunha follows up on Solution Manager in a deeper dive with Former Member (Senior Product Manager, SAP) and @David Birkenbach (Senior Solution Manager ITSM, SAP).

From Business Rules to Decision Management - SAP'S BRM Strategy -- @Tobias Trapp (SAP Mentor and Software Architect) discusses BRM with @Carsten Ziegler (Chief Product Owner, Development Architect, SAP).

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Implementation at American Airlines -- @Mustafa Saglam (Director of Product Management, SAP NetWeaver Gateway) keys in on the role of Gateway in an implementation at AA with guest Nick Mikhailov (Manager, Maintenance and Engineering IT, American Airlines) .


SAP Developer Advisory Board: Why, Who, and What? -- @Chris Kernaghan (SAP Mentor, Capgemini) questions Former Member (VP, Developer Ecosystem, SAP) about the new advisory board.

The Experience of Young Developers: Connecting a Lego NXT Robot with SAP HANA -- @Ian Kimbell (Demo Jam Master of Ceremonies) talks to students about their unexpected journey to SAP TechEd.

Developer APIs: What's New? -- Former Member (SAP Mentor and Managing Partner for EV Technologies APJ) asks about APIs with Former Member (VP, Developer Engagement, SAP) and Rob Conti (Director Presales, Layer 7/CA Technologies).

The New Kingmakers and the Enterprise -- @Thomas Grassl (Senior Director, Technology Marketing, SAP) has a candid conversation with Former Member (Co-Founder and Principal Analyst, RedMonk).

Bringing Hands-on Development to the World with SAP CodeJam -- @Jon Reed and Former Member (Technology Evangelist at SAP) talk spread the word on SAP CodeJam.

Back to the Future of ABAP Development -- @Graham Robinson (SAP Mentor and SAP NetWeaver Consultant) leads a hearty discussion with @Thomas Jung (SAP Mentor and Director, SAP HANA Product Management) and @Jelena Perfiljeva (SAP Mentor and Technical Analyst, Elster Solutions).

SAP Developer Programs: Insights and Future Plans  -- @Thomas Grassl sitsdown with Ingrid VanDenHoogen (SVP, SAP Technology Marketing).

Dev-*: Developer Center, Developer Licenses, and More -- @Gregor Wolf and Former Member (VP, Developer Strategy, SAP) discuss all things developer in this session.

Building the Next Generation of Young Coders -- @DJ Adams talks about his inspiring work with youth programs with @Thomas Grassl.

Past, Present, and Future of Developer Events -- @DJ Adams and Former Member look ahead to the future of in-person events.

SAP Ganges - An Example of Innovation at SAP Labs -- Former Member, VP, Global business Incubation, SAP

Former Member, Product Owner - SAP Ganges, talk to Former Member about SAP Ganges and other development from SAP Labs India.

TracOHealth: Towards a Healthy Nation -- Former Member talk to Puneet Gupta and Former Member about another exciting innovation from SAP Labs India.

Producer Payment: Financial Inclusion for Milk Farmers -- Former Member talk to Puneet Gupta and Former Member about an exciting innovation from SAP Labs India to empower independent dairy farmers in India.

Taking your Portal Mobile with SAP NetWeaver Portal and SAP Fiori -- @Chandramohan Sankaran talks to SAP Mentor and solution manager @Yariv Zur provides an overview taking SAP NetWeaver Portal mobile.

Services and Education

How to Design and Develop Consumer-grade Enterprise Mobile Solutions - @Ana Ammann, Senior Director, Global Marketing, Data and Technology Services/Big Data, SAP hosts @Oliver Betz (Global Head Custom Mobile and UX Business, SAP).

Big Data: How to Get Started - Deployment Options -- @Ulrich Scholl (Global VP, Services Portfolio Marketing, SAP) interviews @Markus Tempel (Big Data Lead, Business Analytics Services, SAP) and @Helmut Glaenzer (VP, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Product Management, SAP).

From Mobile to MOOCs: The Flexible Learning Revolution -- @Mark Finnern (SAP Mentor and Chief Community Evangelist, SAP) and Former Member (Global Head of SAP Education) have in-depth discussion on education and new ways of learning.

Accelerating SAP Innovation with SAP Services -- Sunder Madakshira (VP of Marketing and Communications, SAP India) finds out from Sanjay Hiranandani (Head of Services, SAP Indian Subcontinent) how customers are innovating and engaging with SAP Services.

The Flexible Learning Revolution -- SAP Mentor and Grand State Valley University @Simha R. Magal speaks with  Former Member (COO, Education APJ, SAP) about new offerings from SAP education, such as the SAP Learning Hub.

SAP HANA Academy -- Mark Finnern finds out about SAP HANA Academy, a free service, with program director @Philip MUGGLESTONE and SAP HANA Academy user @Kumar Mayuresh

SAP TechEd Program

Las Vegas Recaps

SAP InnoJam - Former Member (SAP Mentor and Director, Developer Outreach, SAP) talks with participants of SAP InnoJam with participants:

  • @Doug Munford (Technical Solution Architect, Independent Consultant)
  • Adela Calin (MSc student in IT and Business Process Management, University of Liechtenstein)
  • Former Member (SAP NetWeaver Consultant and Principal Portal Expert, ITP Consulting)

Demo Jammers -- Former Member sits down with winners of the Las Vegas 2013 Demo Jam @Will Powell (Mobility and Innovation Lead, Keytree) and Nic Doodson (Head of Operations, Keytree).

Experiences of SAP TechEd -- @Maria Squicciarini (Senior Director, SAP Global Marketing and Global Program Lead for SAP TechEd at SAP) chats with TechEd veteran Sue Keohan (Senior Workflow Specialist, MIT Lincoln Laboratories) and TechEd newbie Patrick Mennig (student at University of Wuerzburg).

Program Wrap -- Former Member and @Maria Squicciarini square about the week’s events.

Amsterdam Recaps

SAP InnoJam Recap -- @Uwe Kylau (Developer Advocate, SAP Developer Experience) recaps the Amsterdam InnoJam with:

  • @Christian Braukmueller (Freelance Technical Consultant)
  • Former Member (Senior Technology Analyst, General Reinsurance AG)
  • Tommy Aarts (student at Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

Demo Jammers -- Former Member hosts contestants of the Demo Jam in Amsterdam:

Navigating and Networking at SAP TechEd -- @Maria Squicciarini discusses the mobile app and networking opportunities with Former Member (Content Planning, Processes, and Systems; SAP Events) and @Roland Kramer (BW/In-Memory Product Management, SAP).

SAP TechEd IT: Behind the Servers - Former Member takes a look at event setup up Former Member (IT Manager, SAP Events) and Former Member (IT Architect Expert, SAP).

Program Wrap: Perspectives from Two Developers -- Former Member wraps up the event with two local developer-Mentor attendees Former Member (Principal SAP NetWeaver Consultant, Ciber) and @Twan van den Broek (Principal Technology Officer, Ciber).

Bangalore Recaps

SAP Demo Jam Winners - Bangalore 2013 -- Former Memberintroduces this years winners @Krishna Kumar, Architect, SAP Labs India, and Prashant Nirmale, Head of Sales and Delivery, Exa-AG.

SAP TechEd Bangalore 2013 Wrap-Up -- @Maria Squicciarini, Senior Director, SAP Global Marketing and Global Program Lead for SAP TechEd recaps the events with:

  • Former Member, SAP TechEd Marketing and Communications Lead
  • Former Member, Conference Manager, SAP TechEd Bangalore
  • Former Member, VP, HANA Platform-Engg Cross Functions & Content Lead for SAP TechEd Bangalore

SAP Community Network

The Impact of Gamification on SCN and its Reputation Program -- Former Member (SAP Mentor and Senior SAP Security Analyst Chevron Phillips Chemical Company) moderates a panel with:

SAP Inside Track: How Offline Gatherings Build a Stronger Online Community -- SAP “Community Stone Soup Maker” Jason Cao holds a panel with community members who’ve planned SAP Inside Track Events:

A Year of Blog It Forward and its Impact on SAP Community Network -- SCN's @Jeanne Carboni and BIF founder @xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) are joined by BIFers @jitendra kansal and @Kumud Singh.

SCN is 10: A Look Back Over the Years | SAP TechEd Online -- Has it been ten years already? A look back with some SCN (SDN) veterans who have been there since the beginning: @Craig Cmehil, @Mark Finnern, @Somnath Manna and @Thomas Jung

Beyond SAP

Marketing in a Digital World: Trends and Opportunities for Business -- Former Member welcomes Former Member (SVP Digital Marketing, SAP) in a discussion on business and her new role as head of the Integrated Digital team at SAP.

Industry Change: Transformation or Trend? -- Former Member (SVP, Database and Technology Innovation, SAP) hosts Holger Mueller (VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research).

Creating a Successful Culture Creates a Successful Company -- Former Member (Head of Social Business Strategy, SAP) interviews Dr. Alea Fairchild (Research Fellow, The Constantia Institute).

Embracing Failure: Own it, Learn, and Succeed -- @Thorsten Franz and @Wolfgang Weiss (Director Product Management, P&I HANA Platform Extensions, SAP AG) go into unchartered territory in this segment.

ASUG Board Member Chat: Tech Trends and Business Benefits -- @Thomas Wailgum (VP of Interactive Media, ASUG) leads a discussion with:

  • Anthony Bosco (SVP and CIO, Day & Zimmermann Inc.)
  • Keith Sturgill (VP and CIO, Eastman Chemical Company)
  • Sherryanne Meyer (Manager of IT HR Solutions and Delivery, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.)

Technology Innovation in India Panel: a Look to the Future -- A lively discussion on the future of technology development in India with Former Member, Former Member, @Kumud Singh and @Abesh Bhattacharjee

Corporate Social Responsibility: Impact on our Community -- Sunder Madakshira (VP of Marketing and Communications, SAP India) discusses SAP India CSR initiatives with Gunjan Patel (CSR Head, SAP India and Labs) and @Aneesh Kumar R (CSR Champion SAP Labs 2013).

Uma Rani: A Woman Worth Watching -- Former Member talk to Uma Rani (Co-lead of IMS Applications Global, SAP) about her recent award and several years of distinguished service at SAP.

Ecosystem and Channels, Partner Sessions

SAP Proven Solutions with Cloud Flexibility and Economics from Trusted Partners -- Steve Erdman (SVP and General Manager, OEM, Managed Cloud as a Service, and Embedded Platforms, SAP) interviews Emilio Marino (SVP OEM and Managed Cloud as a Service, SAP Americas) and Tom Schwab (Global Head of Business Development, HCL Technologies).

SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development -- @Thorsten Leiduck (VP, Platform Ecosystem and eChannels, SAP) hosts Jay Parekh (President, KloudData) in a discussion about a new partner program.

Embedded Solutions and OEM Platforms Opening New Doors: How OEM Partners are Leveraging SAP Technology -- Artie Jasperse (OEM Business Development, SAP) hosts Former Member (Vice President, OEM EMEA, SAP) and Alex Bausch (CEO, VeliQ).

Enterprise Meets App Store -- Former Member interviews @Darryl Gray (VP, eChannels/SAP Store).

Exploring Big Data and SAP HANA Geo-spatial Real Time Situation Awareness -- David Cruickshank (Senior Director, Strategy and Operations, SAP Co-Innovation Lab) hosts a panel about a COIL project with:

  • @David Korn (CTO, SAP National Security Services (NS2))
  • Former Member (Chief Technology Officer, Critigen)
  • Rick Speyer (Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems)

SAP Store: Highlights of 2013 and Outlook for 2014 -- SAP Store keeps growing: get the latest and learn about what you be able to soon find on with Former Member and @Shweta Kesarwani


Secured Shared Network for SAP HANA -- @Chris Kernaghan discovers the shared network with Erik Lillestolen (SAP Product Manager at Cisco).

The Value of Running on SAP Databases: SAP Sybase ASE and SAP HANA -- Former Member (Director of Product Marketing, SAP Sybase ASE) hosts Former Member (CTO, oXya) and Former Member (SAP Mentor, Partner at Beyond Technologies).

Jointly Engineered Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop and SAP HANA Software -- Vin Sharma (Hadoop Strategic Planning, Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop, Intel Corporation) hosts Girish Juneja (CTO, Datacenter Software Division and General Manager, Big Data, Intel Corporation).

Virtualizing SAP on VMware -- Rory Choudhuri (Sr. Product Marketing Manager) VMware talks with Former Member (Regional Alliance Manager, VMware).

Accenture and SAP: A Digital Collaboration --  Eric Renouard (Global SAP Technology Lead, Accenture) and Guest SAP TechEd Bangalore Keynote presenter Sukesh Choubey (GDN SAP Platform Lead, Accenture) talk to V. Vaidhya about how SAP and Accenture are collaborating to provide solutions for customers.

Winning with SAP Mobile Apps -- Listen to @Sriram Kanuri (CEO, Arteria Technologies) as he talks about his experience and journey developing for SAP's mobile platform with Former Member.

Interview with Ramesh Adiga and Krishnan Rukmini from Infosys -- Former Member (Industry Principal of SAP Business Analytics and HANA Practice Lead, Infosys) and Ramesh Adiga (AVP / Head of Global Delivery, Enterprise Mobility Unit, Infosys) discuss mobility and big data from Infosys's perspective with Former Member.

More on Enablement, Outreach, and Adoption

SAP Mentors, the Key to Platform Adoption -- Panel including:

  • Former Member (SAP Mentor and Independent SAP HCM Consultant),
  • Former Member (SVP, Technology and Innovation Platform, SAP)
  • @Owen Pettiford (SAP Mentor, Co-CEO and Consulting Director at CompriseIT)
  • @Ethan Jewett (SAP Mentor and Independent Consultant)

Startup Focus Program: Our Technology, Your Imagination -- Former Member (VP, SAP Startup Focus Program) speaks to Former Member (CEO, Synerscope BV) and Former Member (CEO, EnterpriseJungle, Inc.).

Why 1,000 Startups are Building Applications on SAP HANA -- Former Member revisit the startups conversation with Former Member (VP of Marketing, MineRP), Former Member (CEO, Bankhawk Analytics), and Former Member (CEO, SynerScope BV).

University Alliances: Learn Apply Share Recruit -- @Mark Finnern and guest Former Member speak about the new model of UA.

From Denmark to SAP TechEd Amsterdam: The Student Fuel App Competition -- @Niraj Singh (Regional Director DACH, Italy, France, and Magreb, SAP) talks with Former Member (Project Manager, SAP University Alliances) and Dominik Conrad (Interface Designer, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg).

New Generation, New SAP -- Former Member, Head of Global SAP University Alliances talks with University Alliances Student Former Member (Student Bachelor Business Informatics, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg).

10 Facts About the New Unified Developer License -- Two SAP Mentors, @Harshit Kumar and @Abesh Bhattacharjee, get up to date on the new unified developer license with Former Member (SAP Mentor and Director, Developer Outreach, SAP).

SAP University Alliances: Investing in Millennials -- Former Member talks to two professors and two students participating in SAP University Alliances.