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Indexing in Search Engine Service(SES) terminated with error code 4910



  1. Return code for indexing in search engine: 4,910
  2. RUNTIME_INDEXING or DELTA_INDEXING Ends with Return Code: 4.910
  3. Indexing error import Size too huge

Environment: TREX 7.0 / 7.1

Steps to recreate:

  1. Go to transaction SES_ADMIN
  2. Select the object 'XXXXXXX'

  3.   From menu functions -> Start Full Indexing/Start Delta Indexing


When indexing documents using TREX, the total size of documents that are transferred to the TREX server is limited to 100Mb. This is hard coded and cant be changed. What we can try to do is reduce the package size on the SES side and see if this resolves the error. To do this follow these steps

To do this, open SES_Admin navigate in the menu as follows:

1)Goto -> Customizing -> Business Objects and Indexes

2)Select business object "SES_DRAW"

3)Go to edit mode and adjust the "Max. Obj./Pack" size.


Try this on your test system first.

Reducing packet size is not always recommended as it may lower the indexing performance.

See Also:

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