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Precision Marketing - Partner API FAQ


Partner API

I want to create my first offer and I need a simple one to get started, any advice?
start with a discount offer with the following parameters: (isCounter: false, isDiscount: true, isCashback: false, isFreeItem: false, isMoney: false, isPercentage: false, isPoint: false)

How is the Time managed by SPM?
All times are in UTC in the backend: Device API and Partner API use UTC time only.
The application developer needs to convert the time to the targeted time zone in the client code.
Times indicated on the Partner Portal interface are calculated to show the time in the timezone of the client machine that you are accessing the portal from.

Can I use my own images stored in a 3rd party web site?
technically yes, but you will not be able to modify the "pictureurl" field. to do this you can use one of the custom urls available in the offer definition.

How can I generate keys for my evaluation tenant?
you should have received a mail with a user ID at registration time. Use those credentials to connect to the Partner Portal (also in the e-mail).
in the Partner portal go to the API credentials tab, you can create your new keys and developer IDs there.

Can I use multiple keys?
yes, multiple keys and developer IDs are supported, so you can assign different keys for different purposes/applications.

What types of configuration are available at retailer level?

Some configuration properties are available at retailer level, these are the following:

  • BI_ShowReportNavigation
    • Values: True/False
    • displays/hides the Analysis Tab
  • DeviceAPI_NearbyOffersStoresMaximum
    • Values: integer
    • Number of Closest stores to get offers from (i.e. if 10, then the get offers call will display offers of the 10 closest stores to the user)
  • DeviceAPI_OffersWithNoSite
    • Values: TargetedToAllSites, NoSiteTargeted
    • dictates the behavior for the offers that are not associated to any Site.
    • 1. TargetedToAllSites: they will be considered as national offers and will appear as if they were targeted to every site
    • 2. NoSiteTargeted: they will not be proposed when the get offer targets a specific site.
  • PartnerPortal_AllowMultiPartner
    • Values: True/False
    • displays/hides the Campaign management tab and Store Management tab 
  • PartnerPortal_PartnerSecurityObject
    • Values: No /  Store,StoreGroup  (with the comma)
    • defines the security requirements, when Store,StoreGroup is selected it means that you can define the security on these objects.
  • RTOM_MaximumNumberOffersReturned
    • Values: Integers
    • dictates the maximum number of Offers returned by RTOM

How do I modify the retailer level configuration?

this configuration is defined by the SAP Precision Marketing operations team, should you want to change them please contact us at

I am logged in the Partner Portal as a Business User but I do not see the Campaign management tab and Store Management tab in the Partner Portal, why is that?

there are 2 possibilities:

  • either your tenant is not set to be a MultiParner in this case request this by writing to
  • or you did not assign a business group to the logged in user, you cab assign the administaror group as shown on the image on the right or a particular store or storegroup if you opted for store or storegroup level security.


When is the maintenance of the trial and evaluation system done and how long is the downtime period?

the maintenance is done every 2 weeks on Monday at 6am UTC. to receive notifications about the downtime please register you e-mail here:

Generally the downtime is less than 1 hour and we are working to avoid the downtime altogether.

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