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Precision Marketing - Device API Trial FAQ


What is the SAP Precision Marketing Trial and how do I register for one?

When you register for an SAP Precision Marketing Trial account, you get an account with prepopulated data representing a grocery store based in New York. To help you interact with this data and get a feel for the API, you also get access to our new SDK for iOS, Android and Javascript to help you build your sample front end applications even faster.

You can register a trial account on the SAP Precision Marketing developer center main page here:

From where can I download the Device API SDK for iOS, Android and Javascript?

Once you register for a Trial, you receive the link in your welcome e-mail, Note that the SDK will be available to download early December 2013. If you need it before please request it by writing to

If you are already registered in the trial, you will receive a communication by mail.

In what order is the getoffer call sorted?
The offers are sorted depending on their priority.  However, offers with the same priority are not sorted in a particular predefined order. So it is possible for 2 consecutive requests to return offers in a different order.

I call getoffers for a particular store by storeid, but I get other offers in the result, why?
If you get offers and pass in a storeid, it will get offers targeted at that store as well as offers that not targeted at any store (the use case for this is "national offers" that the retailer wants to apply to ALL stores). There is a setting to turn this off at the retailer level. (ask the SPM operations at

Answer 2: note that the spelling of storeid is case sensitive (in this case should be lowercase), if you spell it wrong, it will be ignored.

Is the device ID created once and is re-usable or do I have to create one for each session?
The device ID should be generated the first time and then you can store it on the device to be used to create all future sessions

When a consumer is anonymous, is it possible to set preference (interest)?
Even though the session is anonymous, you do get a consumer ID and that consumer ID gets associated to the Device ID… this way you can use the consumer ID to set the the preferences of the user and then retrieve them for later sessions from the same device.

I noticed that the images are disappearing after a while from my client, what can be the cause?
Check that you are managing the session and sending the session ID with each request

When is the maintenance of the trial and how long is the downtime period?

The maintenance is done every 2 weeks on Monday at 6am UTC. to receive notifications about the downtime please register you e-mail here:

Generally the downtime is less than 1 hour and we are working to avoid the downtime altogether.

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