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How to recover a corrupt workbook.

Sometimes while opening the specific workbook, Bex Analyzer encountered an unreadable content in the workbook which analyzer is not able to repair. This leads to error message  "The workbook is corrupt and cannot be loaded"

Please follow the Below steps to recover the workbook.

  1. Close all opened BEx Analyzer session.
  2. Go to Start -> Run
  3. Type the following "%temp%\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks" (temp) (or if  you have set a different path as mentioned in Note 1629835)  and click OK.
  4. Delete the entire contents of this folder.
  5. Now follow the steps again which leads to the error  ie , open the workbook in BEx Analyzer.
  6. Now you will see only 1 workbook in the folder temp.
  7. Create a copy of the workbook in the temp folder and close the BEx Analyzer session if opened any.
  8. Open the workbook in a new Excel session without BEx Add-in
  9. Excel prompts you to recover the contents of the workbook. Click "Yes"  to confirm. Then click Enable.
  10. After this Excel displays the message that the content is recovered and shows the removed corrupted records.
  11. Click 'Close' to close the window.
  12. Now go to View tab and click Unhide. Click "OK" to close the window.

Folowing the above steps will remove the corrupt records, and the workbook is recovered.

Now you can save back the workbook to the server and open it again.From this time onwards , workbook will be opened without any issues.