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CEI - How add a new tile to the Home Screen launching SAP CRM

The Customer Engagement Intelligence Suite of Applications has a nice Home Screen that is structured in tiles that host KPIs, recent objects, links etc..
I recently got the request to create a tile that can be used to launch SAP CRM WebUI.
The following steps explain a very easy way to achieve this.
1.  Prerequisites:
Create new BSP Application in CEI Application Server.
For test purpose a local object is sufficient.
Create a new page in the BSP Application.
In this very simple example we just enter a static link to a CRM test system (default name for the new page was index.htm -> had to rename it to index.html in order to get the SICF service working)
2. Create UI5 Service in TA
     SICF (refer to this SCN article)
For this example we use the SAP name space. Service name should match BSP name.
  Activate Service.
3. Maintain customizing for new tile