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SAP EWM 9.1 released for RampUp


Major focus of SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.1 (SAP EWM 9.1) has been reducing total cost of implementation by enhancing integration scenarios like the integration of SAP ERP QM and EWM or providing a direct integration between SAP Transportation Management and SAP EWM. Another example is a highly improved monitoring of the SAP-ERP – EWM interface by incorporating the interface monitor into the warehouse monitor targeted to lower the total cost of ownership. These are just three examples much more smaller enhancements and improved documentations are included

Highlights in terms of new functionalities are


  • The Shipping Cockpit setting a new standard of user experience in EWM leading to greatly improved user productivity
  • Dock Appointment Planning with major functional enhancements
  • Labor Demand Planning a HANA based mobile application at the cutting edge of technology and user experience


Labor Demand Planning


As of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) 9.1, you can use Labor Demand Planning (LDP) as part of Labor Management to view a graphical display of planned workload data, based on the picking and packing outbound processes. This enables you to plan resources and workloads more efficiently.

You can run LDP on a mobile tablet device.

Enhanced Dock Appointment Scheduling


Dock Appointment Scheduling is a collaborative planning tool for loading/unloading appointments at a warehouse between the warehouse operator and its carriers.

The application supports efficient workload leveling by giving a comprehensive and intuitive overview of appointments and optimized loading cycles i.e. short waiting times & unload/load times for carriers at a warehouse.

Major enhancements have been added compared to the former version like the possibility to maintain appointments with variable length and automatic loading point determination or appointment length calculation based on reference documents or product groups as well as analytic reporting functionalities.


Shipping Cockpit

The Shipping Cockpit supports the shipping office clerk in his/her daily activities such as building transportation units and/or vehicles, assigning doors, managing the arrival, loading and departure of trucks, printing waybills and posting goods issue.

The Shipping Cockpit is a user-centric User Interface designed especially for the shipping office clerk. One major aspect of the cockpit is the usability for the shipping office clerk, for example reducing navigation by presenting all information needed for one action on one screen, offering personalization options and providing automatisms or mass data processing for unnecessary/tedious manual steps whenever possible.


Direct Integration of SAP EWM and SAP TM


The scenario offers a seamless integrated process between the best-of breed warehouse application SAP EWM and SAPs strategic transportation management solution SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM). The scenario offers full transparency over your transportation planning as well as  warehouse operation while taking full advantage of the rich functionality of both applications like carrier selection & tendering, wave management, value added services, transportation optimization, cartonization etc.

Compared to the predecessor release the integration between SAP TM and SAP EWM has been tightened by having direct message exchanges between both applications leading to simpler configuration and therefore lower total cost of implementation.

Enhanced integration of SAP ERP Quality Management into SAP EWM

Major enhancements in the integration of SAP ERP quality inspection with the logistical processes in SAP EWM are provided like


  • Collect goods receipt from different inbound delivery into one inspection document (SAP note 1801821)
  • Usage decision for partial quantities (SAP note 1801763)
  • Consider calculated sample quantities (SAP note 1833697)
  • Mass creation of inspection for stock in warehouse (SAP note 1834150)
  • Visibility on EWM stock in inspection for MRP/ATP runs in SAP ERP (SAP note 1909236 and 1889502)

Note: all these QM enhancements have been down ported via SAP note. Please read SAP note 1906105 for activating the new EWM QM functional after upgrade to EWM 9.1

SAP EWM 9.1 Overview Presentation

Please find here the SAP EWM 9.1 overview presentation.

Registration for SAP EWM 9.1 RampUp

Please find here the online scoping from.Technical prerequisites are described in the Product Availablity Matrix (PAM).