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SAP makes Node.js Client for HANA Open Source.

A couple of days ago SAP has released a first version of a HANA client for node.js. A very big thank you goes to Holger Koser who went through the tedious and painful process of implementing the SAP HANA Database SQL Command Network Protocol in node and thus providing us the option to connect both together. To get things started with it just install it with "npm install hdb" from and then navigate over to the home of the client on Github at and read through the (main page) of the repository as it contains simple examples on how to use it.

The repository also contains a number of running examples like SQL execution, prepared statements, stored procedures, streaming and even an example of a simple HTTP server connecting to HANA. Further more the repository also comes with some unit tests that you can run.

If you are interested in trying it out but do not posses a HANA database yourself you might want to consider getting one from the SAP Developer Center @> SAP HANA.

All that is left to say is have fun with it. I sure will.

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