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PBF How-to Guides Link List

This document will serve as an index page for locating various PBF How-to guides. The guides have been created by various PBF developers. We will update this page on a periodic basis. Please use the comment section below to send us any requests for new guides if you have a topic that is not listed!

Budget Form topics

PEP (Personnel Expenditure Planning) topics

  • PEP FAQ:This is a collection of questions from customers using PEP.
  • PEP Execution: PEP Monitor, process chain assignment and queue table, analyzing PEP errors and deleting projections
  • PEP Overview of Versions: This gives an overview of PEP versions and functionality in PBF 7.1, 8.0 and 8.1.
  • PEP Configuration: This describes the configuration required to execute PEP projections.
  • Getting Started with PEP: This describes the minimum master data required to execute PEP projections.  
  • PEP Benefits: This guide explains setup of PEP benefits and impacts on PEP results.

Other topics

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