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How to put a maschine into a Domain on Windows


This is the second part of a complete manual Fail Safe Installation guidance on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Use the previous part to promote the domain controller and to create the domain.

In this document I will guide you through the steps with screenshots how you can change the domain of a windows maschine.

It is very important to note, that these steps needs to be done on each hosts!

  1. Enter the DNS server (Domain Controller) IP-address on all network cards on the node
  2. Open 'Computer Properties'

  3. Enter the Domain Name as follows

    If the Windows Firewall is not turned off or is not configured correctly, you may receive the below error message. In this case please change the Firewall settings.

  4. Now, enter the Domain Administrator and its password

  5. Now, this computer is located under the Domain

  6. Confirm the popup and restart the maschine.

As of now on, you can logon into this maschine as a domain user. Please don't forget, these users are administered in the Domain Controller.

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