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SAP PBF - Public Budget Formulation

Public Budget Formulation 8.1 SP01 has been Released to Customers and is available for Download from SAP Service Market Place.

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Colorado Department of Transportation - Achieving Transparency through SAP Public Budget Formulation

PBF Visual Composer Expert Session - Details will follow

University of CincinnatiHow Colorado Department of Transportation achieves better budgeting transparency (Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 1 p.m. ET)
Webinars/ WebcastsClasses / Training
ASUG: City of San Diego - Public Sector Budgeting and Execution using SAP PBFWNAPB1 - Introduction to PBF 8.0
Governing Magazine – Municipal Government Budget Systems
Public Budget Formulation for Higher Education
Streamline Budgeting - Break Free from Outdated ProcessesOutside Resource
Streamline Public Sector Budgeting -- Make Informed DecisionsNational Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) - State Budget Basics Videos
State Budget Basics Videos | NASBO
PBF 8.1 Upgrade Webinar

ASUG - Public Sector Budgeting and Execution Using SAP Public Budget Formulation

Budgeting and Planning more Efficient with CDOT

About PBF

SAP Public Budget Formulation is an add-on component that provides a collaborative environment to accommodate the requirements of the end-to-end public sector budget formulation process.

SAP Public Budget Formulation is a web-based application based on SAP NetWeaver technology platform. PBF can be integrated with SAP systems and non-SAP systems. For instance, historical data such as the actual budget or the last approved budget can be used as a starting point to prepare the next budget. In addition, HR historical data can extensively be used to build simulations to budget the personnel expenses. Grant, Project and Performance data can all be integrated.

Our latest version PBF 8.1 was released on October 18 2013 and includes some enhancements like Excel Download, File Upload, Pay Period based PEP Calculations, Budget Form Copy functionality and more.

PBF Releases

There have been three major releases of SAP Public Budget Formulation (PBF) to date. This page provides an overview of the different versions of PBF as well as links to related information.

How to Guides

Under this document you can find various How-to guides that were created by PBF developers. The guides describe more in-depth documentation, step-by-step instructions, etc. for various PBF functional and technical topics.

Your Visual Composer Connection

As Visual Composer is used quite extensively during the implementation of PBF, it is recommended to become familiar with any new developments, enhancements, or even read about challenges other developers are facing. The Visual Composer Community Space contains useful information about the latest features and enhancements, as well as great How-To guides that could help you take your form implementation to the next level. Here are a few links you might find interesting:

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