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How and where to maintain default template 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN


To know where the default template 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN should be maintained.


When running BW reports or templates in Java runtime , properties of default template 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN are used.

If the default template is not correctly maintained , you will get various errors.

Even reports or template might not be able to be executed as it cannot use the 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN properties.

Steps to maintain default template:

  • Goto transaction RSCUSTV27
  • Goto field Ad Hoc Analysis
  • For Ad Hoc Analysis maintain 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN

         (Even you can leave it blank also as blank field for Ad Hoc Analysis means 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN is used by default)

If you want to modify default template based on your requirement and use it as default in RSCUSTV27.

Please follow below steps:

  • Please never modify 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN template directly
  • Please create a copy template of 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN
  • Make the changes you need
  • Maintain this modified template for Ad Hoc Analysis in RSCUSTV27
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