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Enterprise Search Index: Unknown index information



Enterprise search indexes have following error in Trexindexserveralert_<host>.trc, unknown indexinfo for <esh index_id>


TREX 7.0/7.1


  1. You have the TREX instance with two IndexServers running on Ports. Example: 30003 and 30013.

        It should be the reason of the problem as some of physical indexes are located on

        the different IndexServer instance than corresponded Join.

   2.  Indexes are corrupted.


  1. Start python TREXAdminTool -> Index -> Landscape

       Select all indexes assigned to the IndexServer with port 30013

       Click with the right mouse button on cross of column <Host>:30003 and select from the menue

       "move master here".

       As soon as all indexes will be reassigned please open the INI -> TREXDaemon.ini file

       and remove the indexserver2 from the programs list in the section daemon.

       The corresponded IndexServer process should be listed with the red flag on the Services tab.

       To remove this from configuration completely please navigate in

       TREXAdminTool -> Tree -> host -> <Host> -> indexserver and delete the node 30013.

2.    Delete and recreate indexes from the application.

See Also:

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