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ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY dump after System Refresh/ System Copy.

This Document deals with the error/dump which is caused immediately after a system copy or a system refresh .

When ever we try to activate a DSO ,execute an infopackage or during the process chain execution the below dump occurs :

This is the function module where the dump is occuring.


This ABAP dump indicates that there are duplicate entries in the table "RSISOSMAP". This type of inconsistency normally happens only after system copies.


Please execute program RS_FIND_ISOSMAP_DUPREC this report is useful to find all duplicate transfer structure names in  the table RSISOSMAP i.e  It will help you identify the duplicated entries in table RSISOSMAP.

Once the duplicate entries are known then you can delete them by executing program "RSAR_RSISOSMAP_REPAIR" with "Repair" mode.This should help you resolve the dump.

But in some cases there are chances where the report RSAR_RSISOSMAP_REPAIR does not repair the inconsistencies and throw's the below error for example :

The reason for this kind of error is , as per the screen shot above the PBPCLNT100 does not exist anymore - probably due to a client change.

In such a case the report  RSAR_RSISOSMAP_REPAIR can't repair the duplicate entries.

And here we need to delete these obsolete entries manually - the ones for the non existing source system.

In this case all the duplicate entries for PBPCLNT100.This way the issue can be resolved .

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