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SAP Product Stewardship Network

A Quick Guide - Sustainability Assessment


What is Sustainability Assessment?

SAP Product Stewardship Network for Sustainability Assessment is a cloud-based SAP solution supporting companies in conducting survey-based assessments of their suppliers in order to analyse the sustainability of their product portfolio.

Where is Sustainability Assessment aimed at?

SAP Product Stewardship Network for Sustainability Assessment is aimed at companies that want to evaluate their suppliers based on pre-defined KPIs that were developed to by TSC® experts to assess the environmental and social impact of different product groups.

How does Sustainability Assessment work?

A company can register on SAP Product Stewardship Network and invite its suppliers to the platform. Suppliers can then easily register themselves and create their company profile.

Surveys containing one category-specific questionnaire can be created and sent to one´s suppliers. Suppliers then receive the questionnaire on SAP Product Stewardship Network, where they can respond to it electronically

How does the navigation work?

There are three main navigation areas:

The different work centers give you access to the following:

Your HOME screen is your start page and allows you to quickly access the main functions:

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