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SAP Product Stewardship Network

Working with Sustainability Assessment (Supplier Role)


Suppliers register on SAP Product Stewardship Network based on an invitation from one of their customers. Once suppliers are registered on the network one or more surveys are sent to them. To be able to participate in the surveys and complete the questionnaires, a TSC® Product Sustainability Toolkit™ license is required. This license can be purchased in the SAP Online Store and is a prerequisite for viewing and completing surveys.

For detailed information about how to participate in the sustainability assessment scenario of SAP Product Stewardship Network, see the step-by-step instructions below.

Register on SAP Product Stewardship Network

You should have received an email invitation to register on SAP Product Stewardship Network from one of your customers. IMPORTANT: The person who registers on SAP Product Stewardship Network should be the person responsible for completing the surveys. If you received the invitation to register, but you will not be the one completing the surveys, please forward the e-mail invitation containing the registration link to the person responsible.

To start the registration process, click the registration link in the e-mail. Then provide the following data:

  • Username: Enter a user name of your choosing (case sensitive)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address: Make sure to use a valid e-mail address. The system allows one registration per e-mail address.

Once you have submitted your data, you will receive an activation e-mail. Click the activation link in this e-mail to activate your account. You will then be prompted to set a password.

The activation link can only be used once. If the link does not work, you can request a new activation link using the Forget your password? link on the logon page for SAP Product Stewardship Network. Enter your e-mail address and choose Send.

Please note that if you already have a user account at SAP, for example, on SCN or SAP Service Marketplace (SMP), you may not be prompted to set a password. In this case, your SCN or SMP password is also valid for SAP Product Stewardship Network.

If you are responsible for more than one company, please register one account for each company. Please note that the system supports only one registration per e-mail address. Therefore you need to use a different email address to register an additional company account.

Once you have set your password, you may be prompted to choose the scenario for which you want to register. If so, please choose Sustainability Assessment (if you are not prompted to choose a scenario, the system automatically chooses Sustainability Assessment).

Next, complete your company profile, which includes the following:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • DUNS number (optional)
  • VAT number (optional)

  Please note the following:

  • Your company profile will be visible for other companies on the network
  • You can edit your company data at any time after registration by clicking your company name at the top of the screen
  • Providing profile details will help business partners find you on the network.

We recommend that you select the checkbox under E-Mail Digest to be informed about activities on SAP Product Stewardship Network. You can change this setting in your user settings at any time.

We also recommend that you enter an account recovery e-mail address, which SAP can use in case you leave the company and a substitute is needed for your account. If you do not provide an account recovery e-mail address, SAP may not be able to transfer your account to another person.

Once you have entered your user and company information, your account must be validated by SAP. This validation may take up to 24 hours. After your account has been validated, you will receive a confirmation e-mail granting you access to SAP Product Stewardship Network.

Once you have access, you can receive surveys on SAP Product Stewardship Network.

Receive Surveys

When you receive a survey, you are immediately notified in the Overview screen on SAP Product Stewardship Network. Here, the Take Surveys tile displays the number of surveys you have been requested to take.

Click this tile to view the list of surveys that you have received. To open a survey, click the survey name. If you have not yet bought a TSC® Product Sustainability Toolkit™ license, a dialog box will indicate that you need to buy a license before  you can take the survey. You can access the SAP Online Store directly from this dialog box.

Find and Participate in Additional Surveys

If you haven't received a survey, or if you supply additional products not covered by the surveys you have received, you can search the list of available surveys and choose to participate in one or more additional surveys. To do so, choose the Find Surveys button on top of the survey list and enter a search term, for example, "apples", in the search window that opens. The system will display all surveys that match your search term. Select an appropriate survey, and then and choose the Add button to add it to the list of surveys in which you are participating. The survey will appear as an additional survey in your survey list.

Buy a TSC® Product Sustainability Toolkit™ license

A TSC Product Sustainability Toolkit™ license is needed in order to access a questionnaire. The license can be purchased in the SAP Online Store. Please be informed that this is an annual subscription fee, which means that the license is valid  for 12 months after you have purchased it.

The price for a 12-month subscription is 699 USD per year. Buying the license grants you access to all TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits™ available on SAP Product Stewardship Network. That means that during the 12-month subscription, you can use the license for an unlimited number of surveys, regardless of the product categories on which the surveys are based.

After you have purchased the Toolkit license, your authorizations on SAP Product Stewardship Network will be updated. You will be notified of the update by e-mail. As soon as your account has been updated, you can open any surveys you have received and complete them.

Details about the licence are outlined in the document TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits™ licenses.

Complete a Survey

After you have purchased a TSC Product Sustainability Toolkit™ license, you can complete any survey. You must answer all the questions before you send a survey. Once you have sent the survey, your answers are only visible to the customer whose survey you are responding to. No one else can see your responses. If necessary, you can edit your answers at any time until the due date.

Decline a Survey

In case you think a survey you received does not apply to you, you can decline it. To decline a survey, open it and choose the Decline Survey button.

Your customer will be informed that you have declined the survey and can either approve your decision or resend the survey to you if he or she still wants you to complete it. Please note that after your customer has resent the survey to you, you cannot decline it again.

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