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SAP Global Partner Support process for Aris - SAP Enterprise Modeling Applications by Software AG

ARIS product By Software AG are resold by SAP, products are:

  • ARIS for SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP Business Designer by Software AG - SAP Business Designer by SAG supports intuitive business process design ensuring corporate modelling standards
  • SAP Enterprise Modelling by Software AG - SAP Enterprise Modelling by SAG provides an enterprise-wide modelling environment to cover business architecture, enterprise architecture.
  • SAP Business Process Optimization by Software AG - SAP Business Optimization by SAG is an Add-On component to SAP Enterprise Modelling by SAG for professional business process simulation and optimization.
  • SAP Business Server and Publisher by Software AG - SAP Business Publisher offers permanent, low-cost availability of process information via  Web-based portals.
  • SAP Process Performance Management by Software AG

All ARIS tools are based on a central repository ensuring that process models are consistent and can be recycled. Aris products can also be integrated with SAP Solution manager, which enables to to sync data in both directions.

SAP Business Architect & Designer are the ARIS clients:

  • Supports Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Offers Maximum Flexibility for, Process Modelling, and Analysing and Optimising Business Processes
  • Enables reporting in text or table form. Reports generated in XLS, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, PDF formats

Business Publisher:

  • Enables customers to share process information and IT Architecture via web based portals
  • Rights-based and role-based access to process models, content is only displayed to the relevant target group
  • Content dynamically generated at logon. 1) minimizing export times, 2) guaranteeing up-to-the-minute process information

Download from SAP service marketplace

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  • SAP Enterprise Modelling Applications by Software AG


Please open and OSS ticket under component XX-PART-ARIS-LIK, and provide the following information, so Software AG can provide you with permanent license key:
  • Customer Name & Customer Number
  • Address (street/zip code/city/post office/zip code)
  • Industry
  • Number of licensed users of SAP Enterprise Modelling by IDS Scheer7.1
  • Information about your valid license for Enterprise Services
  • Repository (installation number and version of installed release of SAP Netweaver Composition Environment or SAP Netweaver Process Integration)
  • Contact name and email address
For Temporary keys, you can access these from SAP Marketplace, under the software download locations for each product, called <component> masterkey

Collecting logs/traces

Please see SAP note 1789051 - FAQ: Aris Information needed for error analysis

Contacting SAP (SAP Component), what to include in message

OSS tickets for ARIS products can be opened under components:
  • XX-PART-ARIS (all error analysis)
  • XX-PART-ARIS-LIK (only license key issues)

Important notes/links
1114046 Support Process for Software AG ARIS products resold by SAP
1789051 FAQ: Aris Information needed for error analysis
1797233 ARIS for SAP JCo Connector for Solution Manager