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SAP Global Partner Support information for SOVN and STVN by Nakisa


Nakisa's powerful Organization Management and Talent Management solutions provide deeper visibility and insight into your organization, so you can identify, engage and cultivate talent to build a sustainable workforce. The visual nature of their intuitive, easy-to-use solutions enable you to take a pro-active approach to deploying your talent and ensure your organization is prepared with a well-qualified workforce to deliver on your business objectives.

Seamlessly integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, their visualization solutions offer a secure and reliable way to transform your workforce data into strategic business intelligence, allowing you to make better-informed talent decisions. Complete all of your organization and talent management initiatives through your ERP and avoid implementing other costly point solutions.

Nakisa products are divided into two areas.

SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa





SAP Organizational Visualization by Nakisa

            TalentHub for Employees

            TalentHub for HR & Executives

TalentHub for Managers

Each module is configured independently of the rest and is installed as an SCA file onto Netweaver.

In the backend, there is an Addon and Transport Pack.


Download from the Service Marketplace

Installations and Upgrades

è SAP Solution Extensions by Partners à SAP TALENT VISUALIZATION

Installations and Upgrades

è SAP Solution Extensions by Partners à SAP ORG VISUALIZATION

Here you can download the package and also the language pack if required.

Please ensure you are installing the correct Addon version

1736777 - Support Questions for issues with Addon/TP installation for Nakisa

*****_AOI.SAR: Fresh installation:                                          

*****_AOU.SAR: Upgrading Nakisa applications:                       

*****_AOX.SAR: Upgrading SAP Server:                                   

*****_AOX.SAR: Upgrading Nakisa applications and SAP Server:

The sequence when installing is Addon, Transport Pack then deploy the Nakisa components.

Nakisa 3.0 has just gone out of maintenance and cannot be downloaded anymore on the Service Marketplace. If you have downloaded it and are in the middle of installing or just starting I would strongly recommend that you upgrade to 4.0 SP1.

Contacting Support

If you do come across an error please look through the SAP Organizational Visualization by Nakisa and SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa forum where another customer may have already come across that same issue. On the Nakisa forum there are some very experienced consultants which provide great help to people configuring Nakisa products. If you can't get help on the forum or are directed to create a message, you can create a message under component XX-PART-NKS. Please provide as much information as possible in the initial description and include the build number of the module and logs.

When creating a message please read through my blog and check if error is in one of below areas.

1736777 Support Questions for issues with Addon/TP installation for Nakisa

1736779 Support Questions for Performance issues on STVN by Nakisa

1736778 Support Questions for issues with STVN by Nakisa

1534815 How to test searching issues in Nakisa

There are many PA-TM notes that need to be implemented.

Search issues

Most search issues are due to missing config in ERP so if you are on Talent Hub, follow note 1534815 and if you find that information is not being returned from FM HRTMC_SEARCH_OBJECTS then you need to do further research in Talent Management/TREX settings in ERP or create a message under component PA-TM.

Performance issues

As from note 1736779, most performance issues are due to most time spent in ERP. If you come across a performance issue you can either start a trace in the Admin Console of the Nakisa module or through ST12, here you will have collected an ABAP trace and SQL trace. I personally prefer the ABAP trace, sort the “net” column by ascending order and see where most time is spent. It will usually be a call to a table, most likely HRP1001. Ensure the statistics are up to date and that correct index is being used, do a note search for FM or Form.

For 3.0 the build number will begin with 70<SP>****, e.g. for SP3 is 703.

For 4.0 it’s 9<SP>****


The CDS log file is located at the /Log folder at the Nakisa installation and also can be accessed in the Admin Console under Log manager. This log is very important to attach when contacting SAP.

You can also perform a trace in Admin Console to see what calls were made to the backend.

Licence Key

1257386 Support Process for Nakisa products resold by SAP

For any serial file request, please create a message on the component XX-PART-NKS-LKY and choose priority medium or low.                                


The following information should be provided                                      

  Customer name                                                                   

  Number of units sold, (see below for unit description)                          

  Module (e.g., OrgChart, Talent Viewing, Talent Planning)                        



Unit Description                                                                  

  1 Unit TVN OrgChart = 500 Users                                                 

  1 Unit TVN Viewing = 50 Users                                                   

  1 Unit TVN Planning = 15 Users                                                  

Please provide the email address of the person to whom the Nakisa serial file (Licensce Key) should be sent to?

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