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SAP Global Partner Support Information for GK Software solutions


GK Software and SAP have an agreement whereby SAP resells GK Software solutions to SAP customers.


GK Software AG

Waldstraße 7, 08261 Schöneck, Germany



With the SAP store solutions by GK, you can extend SAP into your stores, thus enabling you to enjoy the advantages of seamless, end-to-end integration from a single supplier.

A usual GK software solution implementation contains 3 major parts.

SAP: Your SAP systems.

GK Central: GK components which run on server level.

GK Store: GK components running in stores.

Software download

Downloading from

Installations and Upgrades

SAP Store Device Cont. by GK

SAP Offline Mobile Store by GK

SAP Omnichannel POS by GK

SAP Open Scale mgmt by GK

SAP Label & Poster Print by GK


SAP Incident Components

GK Software has a number of subcomponents under XX-PART-GKS*

XX-PART-GKS          GK-Software Retail StoreWeaver

     XX-PART-GKS-CUS      for non- & prod. messages for SAP noncert GK programs

          XX-PART-GKS-CUS-STW  non-& prod. messages for SAP noncert. StoreWeaver programs

          XX-PART-GKS-CUS-POS  non-& prod. messages for SAP noncert. POS programs

     XX-PART-GKS-MDE      GK-Software Retail StoreWeaver Mobile

     XX-PART-GKS-SES      GK-Software Enterprise Server

     XX-PART-GKS-POS      GK-Software point-of-sale

          XX-PART-GKS-POS-POR  GKS portable POS

          XX-PART-GKS-POS-FIX    GKS fixed POS

          XX-PART-GKS-POS-CEN  GKS central POS Services

     XX-PART-GKS-SHB      GK-Software Retail Store Hub

     XX-PART-GKS-LPP      GKS Label & Poster Print

     XX-PART-GKS-OSM     GKS OpenScale Mgmt.


The uniquely licenses, the customer gets from his SAP selling partners.

GK Software will provide available software versions for download via the SAP Softwarecenter. Patches will be made available directly to customers on an as-needed basis.

Important notes

1639591            Required information in an XX-PART-GKS* message

1679805            Creating a bug report in the MDE device

1678852            Overview of log files by component and storage location

1652959            Active message processing component XX-PART-GKS*


Standard Monitoring content is available for SAP Solution Manager 7.1

  • Introscope Monitoring & Dashboards with Introscope EM Release 9.7.1 Patch 1

        Please check SAP Note 2138309

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.1 System Monitoring content

        1 template currently available starting SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12

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