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Support information for SAP Productivity Pak / SAP Productivity Composer by ANCILE


Ancile Solutions sell 3 products through SAP:

1 Uperform also called SAP Productivity Pak
2 Uperform express
3 Info Pak

These products allow the user to create recordings of user actions eg how to create a PO - this can then be published by their software as a simulation or instruction document.
The published content can then be placed on a website built by the RWD application

For SAP End users to access this help abap programs written by RWD are installed in R/3 which creates an extra help in the help dropdown menu in sapgui. These programs are bundled into a transport which allows it to be imported and installed in R/3. This functionality is called Help Launchpad


If you are installing an Ancile product for the first time then you need to apply for a key through this link


Once there, you will need to provide all applicable information including SAP Customer Number, Registered Company Name and and Contact Information. Upon submission/receipt of this information, SAP Products Fulfilment will directly provide you with your company's permanent product ID.

If you already are running an Ancile product and are upgrading then you should open a support message in the SAP Service Marketplace in the support portal ( -> Help & Support) requesting the key. The component is XX-PART-ANC.

1590899 Domain name change of SAPFulfillment page

Collecting logs/traces

1787379 - FAQ: How to collect logs and traces for SAP Productivity Pak by Ancile

The two most important logs when dealing with issues coming from the server is the ServerErrors.xml file and Collab file.

These should be checked before creating a Support message because many times, after we have asked for them the problem is clear.

If you do come across an error please look through the SAP Productivity Pak / SAP Productivity Composer by ANCILE forum where another customer may have already come acrss tat same issue. We at support will try to answer any questions asked on the forum, if w can't help we will direct you to open a message under component XX-PART-ANC.

Downloading from SMP

To find these products on the Service Market Place

1.     Installation and Upgrades

2.     A-Z Index à P à


If there is a patch it will be in Upgrades and Patches section.

In SMP, you will see latest SPP and SPC release as 5.1. Please see my blog on this.

We are awaiting 4.52 to be placed onto the SMP, but until then customers can access it through note 1891154.

1891154       SAP Productivity Pak & Productivity Composer 4.52

When installing, it is very important to ensure you have prerequisite environment according to the technical specifications document that will be within the download from SMP.

Important Notes.

1864308: SAP Productivity Pak Integration with SAP Solution Manager

1779892: Introscope Integration with SAP Productivity Pak by Ancile

1799002 How to choose Help LaunchPad files from uPerform Installation Package

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