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Support information on SAP CPS by Redwood


The aim of using SAP CPS by Redwood is to achieve a high level of automation, which makes it possible:

  • To reduce errors and manual interactions
  • To create a link between IT processes and business processes
  • To deliver reliable services to partners and customers

Using SAP CPS it is possible to manage:

  • SAP Background Jobs
  • BI process chains
  • IS-U mass activities
  • Java Message Driven Beans 

To find Redwood on the service market place

  1. Support Packages and Patches
  2. SAP Solution Extensions by Partners
  5. Comprised Software Component Versions
  7. OS independent
  8. Database independent

Here you will find the latest version.

If you do come across an issue with CPS please firstly check out the SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood (SAP CPS) document which contains great resources, also feel free to ask a question here where experienced professionals are at hand to answer questions.

If you need to contact SAP then create a message in component XX-PART-REDWOOD where SAP Global Partner Support will answer your query.

Please provide as much information as possible to us which will avoid unnecessary delays with Support having to ask simple questions.

1804144 Info when provide SAP CPS job monitor screenshots to SAP Support

Important notes:

1729501 FAQ: How to check the work status of SAP CPS by Redwood in SAP NetWeaver Administraor

1804659 Status of Job in CPS by Redwood is inconsistent with it's status on SAP side

1804431 FAQ: How to associate a CPS event with a SAP event

1798427 FAQ: How to check SAP CPS (Redwood) Version/Milestone and access SAP CPS documentation.

1804144 Info when provide SAP CPS job monitor screenshots to SAP Support

1744390 FAQ - How to get report from SAP CPS 8.0 by Redwood for job, jobchain etc.

SAP CPS is available as a FREE OF CHARGE (FOC or OEM) version or a FULL ENTERPRIZE version

Customers can install a FOC license themselves after deploying CPS (See license section of wiki) by clicking on "Activate OEM license".

Check the Admin guide for more information on the differences between them.

Upgrading/patching SAP CPS

Installing SAP CPS for the first time, Upgrading, Patching or Updating all involve the same process. The same SCA file is downloaded from the SAP marketplace and deployed whether or not you are upgrading or installing new.

CPS version, milestone, build all refer to the M26.x, M28.x or M33.x number. (CPS Version 7.0 or Version 8 does not really tell us anything exact)

Note that SAP NetWaver 7.30 requires you to install an additional usage type to get SAP CPS deployed (SAP note #1668455 Installing SAP CPS 8.0 by Redwood on NW 7.30+)


Customers do not need to contact SAP/Redwood to use the FREE version - They can simply click on the "ACTIVATE OEM LICENSE" button (See screenshot below)

All V8 license requests for milestone M33.x and higher should be entered in an OSS message. Then SAP support forward the message to redwood and then redwood support are responsble for generating the license and sending to the customer.

Free version of CPS is also known as: OEM, FREE, FOC (Free of charge)

Full version of CPS is also known as: Enterprize version.

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