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SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Errors while connecting iOS/Android/BB Mobiles to BusinessObjects Server


There are some typical errors that we see on day to day basis when we are trying to connect BO Mobile to our SAP BO landscape

This post, will help you understand, some common mistakes or errors that we do and resolutions for the same

Http 404, MOB06031, MOB06009, MOB06010 etc...

The above three errors are the most highly searched category errors seen!!

All mobile guides available at, will have one liners mentioning what can go wrong.

However, some basic troubleshooting keys are listed below for the above known errors.

We begin with HTTP 404 or Page not displayed error message:

i) Page cannot be displayed:

This error message, as we all know, come up when connection is not established with the server. This error pops up when the request from the browser does not reach the application server:


  • No network connectivity
  • Machine not in same network
  • Application server down


  • Check if the netwok is working fine. Verify your machine can ping and telnet to the server machine
  • Verify application server or proxy server in between in able to connect and working fine.
  • Most of the time, this issue is due to application server being down!!
  • quickly run the tomcat homepage url to check if it is up. If the error still remains the same, check with the application server team.

ii) HTTP 404:

As the error message clearly states, the requested resource could not be found. this error is thrown from the application server. This shows that, your request is been forwarded to the application server, however it is not able to find the requested request


  • Incorrect request sent to the server machine.
  • Specified service does not exist or is not searchable by the application server


  • Check if the request is valid
  • Check the URL syntax

For example:

All are familiar with the URL http://servername:port/MobileBIService/MessageHandlerServlet?message=GetVersion

This URL, will give us the a XML output giving us the version details of the MobileBIService

Now, i have seen many a times users try to give this URL to check if Mobile war file is deployed

http://servername:portMobileBIService  ( attached image above )

The above will never work. As the war file is not designed to run directly. This was a example of say bad syntax or unspecified request for the application server, which prompted it to throw a HTTP 404


Error is seen mostly, while trying to connect your ipad when the connection details mentioned are incorrect.


  • Due to incorrect connection specifications on ipad
  • 99% of the times, the cause is bad syntax
  • MobileBIService war file missing or corrupt


  • Check if the connection details are correct.
  • Try to check if you have missed any special characters, symbols, CAPS lock etc.
  • Run the URL  http://servername:port/MobileBIService/MessageHandlerServlet?message=GetVersion on your client machine, to check if the MobileBIService is deployed correctly.
  • If this gives a error or does not open, redeploy the MobileBIService.war file.
  • Also, clear cache of tomcat ( tomcat/work/catalina/localhost)

The above error message was reproduced, when i just changed a single number from my tomcat port.

It was also reproduced when i deleted some files from the MobileBIService folder deployed under webapps


This error is seen, while connecting to the BO server.


  • Tomcat not reachable
  • Mostly this error is related to communication not happening between the mobile device and the application server
  • Firewalls
  • FileRepository servers down


  • Check if tomcat is up and running.  If you are able to connect to application server first.
  • Check if any firewall is in place, which might be blocking the connections
  • Check if IFRS/OFRS servers are accessible and working fine


Most confusing error!!


  • Can occur if user does not have enough rights to refresh reports.
  • MobileBIService war file is not deployed correctly or may be is not on the same version as that of the BO server.
  • File Repository Servers are not accessible or blocked via Firewall settings


  • Check if the MobileBIService war file is deployed properly. If you have another environment, check if the size of the deployed war file is same. OR you can copy the war file from a working environment ( preferably on same patch ) to the affected machine and check the issue again
  • Check IFRS is accessible and not behind firewall. If firewall exists, make sure, you give assign a dedicated port to the same and open it bidirectionally on the firewall.
  • Any connectivity issues between the server and the mobile device. Kill the app on the device and start again once to check

Will be posting more in coming days!!

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