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Stopping/Excluding Secondary Nodes In SAP Sybase Multiplex


1. Secondary nodes shouldn't excluded while they are running prior to Coordinator shudown.  It is preferable to shut them down, using dbstop instead, then exclude them.

       1a. It is not necessary to exclude Secondary nodes before Coordinator have been shutdown, but may speed up Coordinator shutdown by shortening the checkpoint  log.

       1b. You only need to exclude Secondary nodes, only if they are to be taken down offline for an extended amount of time while the Coordinatoris running, allowing the Coordinator to disregard version references of these nodes when doing global version cleanup.

       1c. If you need to exclude Secondary node for any reason, shutdown the Secondary node first and then login to Coordinator and  then exclude it.

2.  After shutting down the Secondary nodes, wait  a couuple of minutes and then issue checkpoint twice.

       2a. This time period allows for version collection to start and reduce number of active versions which needed to be checkpointed at shutdown.

3. Avoid using kill -9, it is preferable to use dbstop with -y option.

        3a.  Killing the server with -9  forces the Coordinator in crash recovery mode.

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