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MPX(IQ Multiplex): How to Create DR without adding new temp dbfiles.


From SAP Sybase IQ 15.2 esd1 and above, Restore to DR side can be done by starting utility_db with DR Coordinator Server Name,  it no longer have to same

as the production Server. And if directory structure and dbfile name and sizes are exactly  same as production Coordinator Srer, then DBA do not need to drop

existing Secondary Servers.  For complete restore instructions, please see:

After restoring DR Coordinator, DBA can start DR Coordinator with -iqmpx_sn 1 -iqmpx_ov 1 switch and issue commands listed below to alter

DR configuration:

(DBA)> alter multiplex server PRDIQC  rename DRIQC host 'myhost' port 9981


(DBA)> alter multiplex server PRDIQS rename DRIQS host 'myhost' port 9982

   Restart Multiplex normally without -iqmpx_sn 1 and -iqmpx_ov 1 switches.

  PRDIQC  -> Production coordinator name

  PRDIQC -> Production secondary node

  DRIQC  -> New DR coordinator name

  DRIQS ->New DR secondary node

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