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Workbook Authorizations.

Workbook Authorization:

With authorization objects you can control the extent to which a user can save or display the workbooks.  Authorization for workbook is also part of BW Predefined authorizations (RS). Authorization rights are user-specific and set in below mentioned authorization which are located in a user profile in corresponding role.

The workbook can be saved either in Roles or in Favorites of the user.

Saving workbook to Favorites:

In order to save a workbook, there is no such authorization concept implemented. that means there are no options to restrict the users from save to Favorites using the authorization objects.

Saving Workbook to Roles:

If a user wants to save a workbook to a location where it can be easily accessed by others, they need to save to a 'Role' rather than saving the workbook in their own Favorites folder. You can then assign the Role to all parties who need to share workbooks. In order to save workbooks to Roles, a user needs following authorizations.

  • S_USER_AGRThis authorization object is the main which protects save/delete a workbook from role, this object must be restricted. you should have the       authorization to change/delete the concerned role. this object have 2 fields:
    1. Activity (ACTVT) It contains activities which are allowed for this user like 'change', 'display', 'create' and so on.
    2. Role Name (ACT_GROUP). Name of the role which contains the workbook.

  • S_USER_TCD:  If a user is granted the authorization for changing a role, he/she should also be granted the authorization for all transactions contained  in the role. Add these transaction codes to authorization object .
    1. Transaction code (TCD) : Enter  "RRMX" (for BW reports),"SAP_BW_TEMPLATE" (for Web Templates),"SAP_BW_QUERY" (for Queries).