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Why the CIM Model of the SLD was updated automatically?

After you performed a Support Package Import or an release upgrade of a Netweaver system running SLD, you notice that the CIM Model version of the SLD was updated as well.

To understand why this happens, first we must remember some SLD basics.

The SLD have a work directory, which is usually located at /usr/sap/<SID>/ SYS/global/sld. This directory is used to store some SLD specific files, like the raw dataTrace files (SAP notes 1143398 and 1083115). Also, this directory contains some files that are needed for the initial setup of the SLD, like the initial CIM Model and CR Content, sldprofile.xml, etc.

Those files are delivered to the system with "" file, which is contained in LMCORE.SCA. When it is deployed, the sda is extracted in the work directory.

SAP regulary produces new versions of the CIM Model and when a major change in the model is done, then the model which is delivered in this SDA is also changed, for the newest code lines. For example, from CIM Model 1.6.21 to 1.6.34.

During SLD's startup, the following checks are made for the default namespace (sld/active):

  1. Whether there is already a model imported in it.
    If not it will import the CIM Model which is available in the work directory.
  2. Whether there is a newer model available in the work directory.
    If there is newer model version available it will automatically import it.

This behavior is configurable by the internal profile parameter "AutomaticModelImportOnStartup" inside section "ImportExport", which has a default value of "true". This mean that the above checks will be made.

If is really necessary, this behavior can be disabled by changing the value of this parameter to "false". This way you will have to manually import the model following the process described in SAP note 669669.

But is strongly advised to not change this parameter, as the update of CIM Model and CR Content should be performed periodically as a standard maintenance procedure.

See also SAP note 1923112 - SLD synchronization stop working after a support package import

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