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ABAP Development

Using transaction AL11 to search file content

New functionalities in AL11

In EHP7 (SAP_BASIS 7.31 SP 5 ) now is possible to scan file content directly from AL11 transaction. This functionality was introduced to speed up log analysis process and allow developers and support teams to investigate log information faster using just one single transaction.

Picture below you can see 2 new icons in AL11 transaction. These icons are available when displaying any folder from operating system.


By selecting any file from the list you can download file content to local workstation.

With this function you will always download file in text mode on the same way as you can see it, so if you download an executable it won´t be possible to execute this file.

With this option you can search for a specific expression inside all listed files. This functionality will only scan listed files which are representing log information. All binary information won´t be scanned.

Scanning file content in AL11

To start this functionality you can press Shift+F1 and a popup will show. Then you can inform which expression you would like to search. In this functionality it is not possible to use regular expression or special characters to represent any information like ? or *. In case you need to search for expression "profile" you can do it as sample below.

Once result is computed you can see a list of all occurrences for informed expression. Then for each line you can double click any line and you will be guided to correspondent line