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ESPM SAP HANA Cloud - WebShop and Retailer


Responsible for this tutorial: @Stephen Cherian

In this tutorial you as a developer will be guided through a ready-to-use ESPM Cloud model, a web shopping application, and a Retailer application.

  • The ESPM cloud model is built using JPA, Apache Olingo library and uses SAP HANA Cloud persistence service.
  • In the web shopping application a customer can select various products and place a cales order can connect to multiple backends, cloud as well as on premise. It demonstrates how an application can seamlessly transition between different data sources.
  • In the Retailer application, a Retailer can review the sales orders created in the web shopping application and accept or reject it. He can as well as monitor the stock and can create a purchase order if some products fall below in stock. This application contains security implementations which limits access of this UI and OData services to users having the Retailer role to prevent unauthorized access. It utilizes the SAP HANA Cloud Identity services for authorization of a Retailer.
  • The code package also comes with integration tests to demonstrate one of the test automation strategies for developing such applications.
  • Finally you can publish and run the WebShop and Retailer Application on SAP HANA Cloud by using your Trial Account

List of Technology used:

  • SAPUI5 (Toolkit for HTML5)
  • SAP HANA Cloud Persistence Service/JPA
  • SAP HANA Cloud Identity Services
  • Apache Olingo
  • SAP HANA Cloud local runtime for testing
  • Test automation of SAP HANA Cloud Applications

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Latest Update of this Tutorial Document: Version 3.0(7th of August 2014)