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ESPM Scenarios Installation Guide


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This ESPM Scenarios Installation Guide describes step-by-step.

  • How you setup the HANA Cloud Development environment (Chapter 1)

Also it includes two additional chapters for the ESPM scenarios (Optional)

  • How you import the ESPM sources and projects into your Eclipse IDE (Chapter 2)
  • How you deploy, run and test the ESPM Applications on SAP HANA Cloud (Chapter 3)

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Latest Update of this Tutorial Document: Version 3.0 (12th of August 2014)

(use above download link and find in chapter 5 "Tutorial Documentation History" the main changes of this version)

The ESPM (Enterprise Sales & Procurement Model) Application Scenarios are reference applications to describe how SAP HANA Cloud applications are developed by standard means.

Each of the three ESPM Application Scenarios Tutorials

assumes that the ESPM Scenarios Installation Guide has been executed before.


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