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MOPZ Step 2.7 - Confirm Selection

  • Step Description

Select the Tool to download files. (JVM must be selected)

1 Select 'Download Basket' means all the archive files will be added into download basket in service market place.

2 Select 'Software Lifecycle Manager' means the archive files will be download directly via SLM.

1 2
  • Errors

1 Error:Not able to get the start constellation

refer to sap note  1803377

  • Q & A

Q1: Why JVM must be selected but kernel not?

Warning message will occur if user did not select JVM or Kernel in step 2.4 OS/DB dependent. JVM is mandatory to select. If user does not select JVM, warning will occur and user can run successfully in MOpz. But error will occur during deployment later. So if user met warning message here for JVM, he must go back to step 2.4 and choose JVM.  For Kernel, deployment can process without kernel.

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