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MOPZ Step 2.6 - Select Stack-Dependent Files

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Select Stack-Dependent Files.

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  • Error: Attention: expected file(s) not found

Sometimes you will receive Error message: 'Attention: expected file(s) not found' in Stack Configuration XML file. This might because the patch for some SCVs are changed to higher patch in SMP.

In the following case, for SCV INTEGRATION VISIBILITY 7.31, archive file INTGVIS08_0-10011950.SCA, it said error: 'Attention: expected file(s) not found' as picture 1 . Check INTEGRATION VISIBILITY 7.31 in SMP, you will find only patch1 is available but no patch 0 in SMP as picture 2. Then please rerun mopz becuse the patch is changed from 0 to 1 in SMP.

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  • Q & A

Q1: What is 'HR CLC' and 'Add HR-Packages' button?

HR CLC means HR country specific legal change. For one HR component, it includs sub-HR components of different countries. Assume the newest main-HR-sp is SP11 on June 2009 and all the sub-HR-sp of different countries with SP11 are included in. In Japan the individual income tax law is changed from July 2009.  Then SAP supply Japanese customer a newer sub-HR-SP12 for this Japanese legal change. (for the main-HR-SP and for other countries of sub-HR-comonent, the HR SP is still 11). When Japanese customer run MOpz, he has to choose SP11. But he can push button 'add HR-package' to choose the newest sub-HR-SP12 for his country because of this legal change in Japan.

SAP note 1826260 - MOpz: Add HR support packages button invisible

               1760253 - MOpz: HR-CEE SPs are not calculated

Q2: What is button 'Add Java Patches'?

  SAP guarantees validated consistency for all SP/Patches belonging to the same stack level. 'Add Java Patches' is changing the Patch-Level of the queue. It supplies a possibility to customer to choose the newest Java Patch. If customer selects Newest Java Patch by button 'Add Java Patches', the newest Java Patch file will be downloaded but will not record in stack.xml. It can be only deployed manually to cover the old patch which generated in Stack.XML basing on a Stack definition for a Product Version in PPMS.

If customer wants to recorded the Java Patches in stack.xml, he needs to use Note 1578869. Also, there will be a warning during MOpz running for the newest patch. 
The function 'add java patches' is only for the SCV whose SP is changed during MOpz. For example if customer has a SCV A and SP1 in start system, and in his target system SCV A SP1 stays, even there is a newer patch for SCV A SP1, the newer patch will not show in 'Add java patches'. If user wants to use newer patch, please use Solman_workcenter -> Change management tab -> system recommendation.

The component for system recommendation is SV-SMG-SR.

Q3: Why is component and selected defaultly?

Because the components are included in choosed technical usage.

Q4: User selected the technical usage but why some SCVs including in the technical usage can be deselectable without any warning?

If the SCVs are related to specific industry, then the SCVs can be deselected in this step. eg, SCV IS-H, FI-CAX.

ABAP queue check will report informations if the deselected files are manadary to be selected later.

Q5: Why no files can be selected in this step?

Please check if they are listed in DVD in stack.xml.

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