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MOPZ Step 2.5 - Select Stack-Independent Files

  • Step Description

Select Stack - Independent Files (SPAM/SAINT) and components for Add-on Products.

  • Q & A

Q1: Though add-on is product version, why add-on is listed in 'select stack-independence files' tab?

Add-on was not considered as product version before. Because of this historical reason, though it is defined as production version now, it is still kept in this tab.

Q2: How to use button 'Include/Exclude Files from Download Basket'?

  You can use this button only if you use SLM for download. You can select files which does not belong to current maintenance transaction from download basket. eg: before you run MOpz, there are 2 archive files named A1 and A2 which do NOT belong to current maintenance transaction in download basket. After you run MOpz, there are 3 new generated archive files named A3, A4 and A5 which belong to current maintenance transaction and will be downloaded to SLM. If you select A1 then push button 'Include/Exclude Files from Download Basket', after SLM download, A1, A3, A4 and A5 can be download.

Q3: Why SPAM can not be listed?

SPAM depends on SAP_BASIS. If the target system does not have ABAP part, then no SPAM will be listed. Also, SPAM/SAINT files are the tools but not a part of
software component version of system identity table in managed system. And whether SPAM/SAINT files are downloaded, it depends on user. So SPAM/SAINT files can be downloaded but can not be recorded in stack.xml.

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