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MOPZ Step 2.3 - Choose Add-on Products

  • Step Description

Check the addon product name first and then you will see the installable stacks and instances.
Choose the stack and instances, then click the button 'Apply'
You can simulate the single add-on product version by push button 'Apply'. Then check the simulation result by selecting 'system' tab.
If you do not manually select any addons, MOpz will select the already installed addon or the new compatible successors by default.

  • Message

1.Error:  Mark relevant instance to include the software component &1 in SMSY/LMDB.

Solution: check if the according instance which includes software component &1 is flaged in SMSY/LMDB. If not, please flag according instance in SMSY/LMDB.

2.Warning :Upgradable instance <inst> is not in the installable add-on list.

possible reason: the s-user running mopz has no authorization for the upgradable addons. create message to SV-SMG-MAI

Q1: Add-ons of which product version can be listed?

The add-ons of Leading product version and according Netweaver product version will be listed in MOpz. For example, you have 2 product systems. Product system 1 includes one ABAP ERP technical system and one JAVA Netweaver technical system.. Product system 2 includes one ABAP CRM technical system and also the JAVA Netweaver technical system. When you run mopz for ERP product version, all the add-ons of ERP and Netweaver will be listed in MOpz.

Q2: Why Addon Product Version or add-on instance is not listed?

   If no shipment stack exists or NW is less than 7.02, add-on product version will not be listed.

Q3: Why addon product versions are preselected or automatically deselected?

  1. Add-on product version which does not have successor or adoptor version will be automatically preselected if no update is necessary for this add-on.
  2. Preselected product version can be de-selected if it has successor or adopt product version when no update is necessary for this add-on.
  3. Successfullest add-on product version will be preselected if update is necessary for the start add-on.
  4. Successfullest add-on product can be de-selected if you select de-successor add-on product version.

Q5: Why some stack is not listed when user select add-on product version?

For example as the picture , stack 13 and 14 are missing in the list of mopz for add-on product version PORTAL ADD-ON SAP NW 7.0 EHP2. This is because stack 13 and 14 do not have required product version stack in PPMS.   Please create message in CSS to component XX-INT-PPMS-CONT.

Q7: In case NW<=7.01, no add-on can be selected. What should I do if I want to select add-on in MOpz.

if NW<=7.01, no add-on can be selected. In other words, step 'choose add-on files' will not display.

  1. If you want to choose add-on, you must update the NW to at least NW7.02.
  2. If you want NW7.01 to stay, for some add-on SCVs which are already in your start system, MOpz will supply you the latest SP for the SCV in step 'select stack independent files'. This SCV will not be recorded in stack.xml. You can download it and manually implement it later.  
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