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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

SRM: Configuring Customer Specific Mass Change Parameters in Contract Management


You can define your own mass change parameters for the Mass Changes function in Contract Management. 

For developing additional customer fields for the Contract Mass Change in SRM, the sap help document can be used:


For contract mass changes, the following packages are provided:

  • /SAPSRM/PDO_AO_CTR_MASS for business logic

SAP Help Documentation:

  • User performs all the steps according the guideline.
  • User maintains new z entry in table view BBPV_CTR_MASSOP
  • User creates a z structure and z table type in the ABAP Dictionary and includes components to store old values and new values for mass change.
  • As given in the guideline user creates webdynpro component ZWDC_UI_* and a view V_AO_CTRM* .
  • User has given the UI information in the method CTR_DEFINE_UI of BADI “/SAPSRM/CTR_MC_BADI”.
  • User copies the code as in  sap help documenation Point 5 c)


point 5 c)

                            c.      Implement the interface methods above as per the desired logic and activate the methods and BAdI.

See the Incoterm implementation class /SAPSRM/CL_CTR_MC_HI_INCOTERM.


   E.g. of copied code snippet:

Z implementation is completed with the help of sap document.

Perform Contract Mass Change for Customer Specific Field:

  • User logs in to the SRM portal as a strategic purchaser and goes to Strategic Purchasing -> Contract Management -> Select Contracts -> Click on Mass Change Button -> Define Mass Change
  • User selects the Parameter for mass change by selecting z field and system gives a dump as below:


  • Login to SRM GUI.
  • Go to transaction se18.
  • Give enhancement spot /SAPSRM/CTR_MASS_CHANGE .
  • Go to your z enhancement implementation .Go to your implementation class z* method  /SAPSRM/IF_EX_CTR_MASS_BADI~CTR_DEFINE_UI

The copied code from standard is passing plug name that is perfect for Standard, but in case of z mass change,

the parameter you need to pass is window name that you have to copy from your wd component

eg class 'ZCL_CTR_HDR_MASS_CHANGE' method:


ls_params-name = /sapsrm/if_pdo_ctr_mc_c=>gc_abap_wd_plug.

ls_params-value = 'I_V_*'

replace this code with

ls_params-value = ‘ZW_*'.

( The parameter you are passing is inbound plug, which is wrong and you

need to pass window name instead ).

  • Save and activate your changes.

Once changes are activated, to perform mass changes for newly added z field, go to SRM portal, Strategic Purchasing -> Contract Management -> Select Contracts -> Click on Mass Change Button -> Define Mass Change and select custom defined z field for mass changes.

Additional Information:

Once you have performed the above mentioned steps, if you plan to use more than one z custom parameters, and to navigate

from one z parameter to another z parameter Note: 1875269 short text 'Multiple custom mass paramaters not possible in mass change' should help.

Release Information for this functionality: SRM 70 and higher releases.