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MOPZ Step 2 - Select Files

  • Step Description

1 Select the Mode (Calculate automatically or manually). Once you select manually, no actual calculation will process in MOpz.

   the mode---Calculate Files Automatically---is recommended.

2 Select update options--enhanced by SAP note 1940845 - MOpz: enhancement to support new backend services

No Upgrade selection anymore. You can do upgrade via EHP installation. Also, add-on selection is selectable
For some special cases, that the ERP, CRM, SRM enhancement packages are already installed:
Support Package Stacks for ERP 6.0, CRM 7.0, SRM 7.0 (the standalone products) are not available, and we can only update the enhancement packages.
  • Errors

1. Warning: Product registration of installed Add-Ons is missing!

click the "Display help" in this message, please register correct addon product versions and instance according the installed addon software b.

if you have difficulties to figure out which addon product version is installed for the installed addon software components. create message to component SV-SMG-LV.

2.    Problem:  no update options

possible root cause: your s-user which you are running MOPZ with has no authorization to the product version or the successors of the product versions in MOPZ step one you have selected.

3.  Question:  I have a system with PV EHP5 for SAP ERP 6.0 stack 05, and I want to update to stack 10,  I can get both the target stack 10 in mopz 2.1 if i choose either the option "Maintenance" or "Enhancement package installation".   what's the difference for this two options now?

      answer: "Maintenance" ---no technical usages are provided in step 2.1, which means you keep the same technical usage selections as last time when  you  were updating to EHP 5.

                   "Enhancement package installation"---you may have technical usage list in MOPZ step 2.1, and you can decide if you would select more technical usages then.  If you select no more technical usage, it's the same as you choose the option "Maintenance"

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