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SAP Visual Business 2.1


SAP Visual Busienss 2.1 was released 9th September 2013.

It is shipped in the UI Extension Add-On 1.0 for  Netweaver 7.00 SP05 for Netweaver versions from 7.00.

This shipment consists of a frontend component with a separate installation and a backend part.

  1. The frontend component is compatible to the SAP Visual Business 2.0 frontend and can be installed to replace SAP Visual Business
    2.0 clients. 
  2. The backend in the AddOn supports now Netweaver versions from 7.00. To be compatible in existing Visual Business 2.0 systems we renewed
    the API with renaming and cleaning-up the interface.

Major new features of SAP Visual Business 2.1:

  • Scaler showing reference measures for the current map display

  • Selection of multiple objects with rectangle or Lasso
  • Direct zoom by painting a rectangle on the map section to be shown
  • Navigation history
  • Keyboard support for map navigation, toolbar functions, and multiple selections
  • Major performance improvements on map tile loading and animations
  • Support for single picture maps and there combination with tile based maps
  • 32- and 64-Bit version
  • Restrict-able map zoom and move (keep map on a certain area)
  • Normalization for 3D-objects
  • Import of arbitrary 3D objects from Collada DAE files
  • Pixel and Geo-Distance based circles

Toolbar, with navigation history, selection, zoom-in buttons. It can be moved and reduced.

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