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MOPZ step 1 - Plan Maintenance

  • Step Description

Select production version and product system as update object.

  • Errors:

1. Error message --it is required to implement SAP note ???? version ??

MOPZ recommends to implement the note in the error message before running mopz transactions.

If the note is not implemented, it will NOT affect the main calculation for the main target stack you have chosen at mopz step2.1.

But  it will affect the add-on calculation for the add-on you have chosen in MOPZ step 2.3. without implementing the notes, MOpz will not include the add-ons to stack xml file.

  2. No S user is assigned to your user

t- code aisuser,

assign a proper s-user to your solution manager logon user

make sure this s-user and the RFC s-user SAP-OSS belong to the same customer number.

if you're not a VAR customer. In this case, you must disable a BADI as described in point 2 of note 1140822. Disable this BADI to solve this issue.

  3. Error during call of SAP back end system (see long text)

Message no.SOLMAN_SAP_BACKEND005 this errors could occur in other MOPZ steps also.

possible solutions:

check the note 982045


T-code sm59, check the RFC which your solman system connect to SAP BACK-END system.  (mostly it's RFC SAP-OSS).

if all above can't solve your problems, try the trace of RFC. T-code ST01

search the "SAP-OSS" errors in dev_rfc trace file, create a message to XX-SER-NET-HTL and attach the trace file.

if no RFC errors is founded in the trace file, create a message to SV-SMG-MAI.

4 Error System constellation is empty, calculation will not run.

The error is as picture 1. Please check landscape verification or product system editor.  Normally, there will be also an error message there: Product system <PS> has no active standalone product version, as picture 2 . To solve the issue, please add the product version in SMSY or LMDB as picture 3 and 4.

1 2 3 4

but if you are using the Maintenance Optimizer to select and download files manually, and you get errors in mopz step 3:

"System constellation is empty, calculation will not run"

"System constellation is empty, calculation is aborted"

In manual mode, it is not necessary to check system constellation.


Implement the corrections in note 1630517using the Note Assistant, or import the relevant Support Package.

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