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SAP Supply Chain Management

SAP EIS – Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization Overview


In February 2013, SAP announced it’s intensions to acquire a long time partner, SmartOps.  Click here for the SAP News Article.


With the acquisition of SmartOps, SAP has acquired the leader in the market of Enterprise Inventory Optimization software. During the transition into the SAP family, we are developing several places to get information about EIS, and this document and the links included, is the starting point on the SAP Community Network (SCN). 

In addition to Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization software, SmartOps also has developed an Enterprise Demand Sensing application and an Analytics Reporting tool.  Links to information about these applications are included here as well.

SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing Solution Brief

SAP AG announced new capabilities to improve companies' demand management and business planning processes, delivering tools with a real-time view of market information. Here is a solution brief describing more about the Enterprise Demand Sensing application.

Demand Sensing in Action

This presentation was delivered live as a webinar in Q2 2013.  This is an overview of the SmartOps application Enterprise Demand Sensing (EDS).  Included is where EDS fits into a supply chain workflow and a description of how EDS can enable your demand driven supply chain. Other topics include integration, forecast improvement techniques and bridging the gap with your planning process.

Demand Intelligence Module Overview

EIS Demand Intelligence Module (DIM) quantifies forecasting errors at the same level you plan your inventory: for every item, at each location, by customer, over time. Correctly quantifying forecast error empowers you to right size inventory more accurately than traditional approaches increasing your ability to meet demand while eliminating excess inventory.

Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization (EIS) Overview
This presentation is a detailed introduction into Enterprise Inventory and Service Level Optimization (EIS) following the main topics, Inventory Planning, Analytics and Implementation.  Inventory Planning starts with an introduction to the concepts behind multi echelon inventory optimization.  There are also several slides showing how EIS fits with APO and how they differ and complement each other.

The Analytics section shows several screen shots of advanced reporting developed to show the impact of running EIS.  And the final section shows the implementation process and methodology.  This includes ECC Data Management, several custom tables and an end to end workflow.

SmartOps Overview

This is an overview of SmartOps Enterprise Inventory Optimization software that has recently been acquired by SAP.  This is for the new user who is unfamilar and wants to understand what EIS does and how it integrates with SAP.

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