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Individual or collective requirements for components?


When you are using planning strategies such as make-to-order or planning without final assembly for your finished products, the planned orders generated by MRP are linkes to an individual stock, which is separated from the general plant stock. Dependent requirements of these planned orders are also generally planned separately, under the same individual stock. However, very often this is not necessary or not wanted at all.

In this case, the system behavior can be influenced with a setting on the material master of the component.

If there is no value defined for the field "Individual/collective requirements" on tab MRP3 of the material master, the dependent requirements will be planned on the same indivual stock than the parent material.

However, if you don't want to plan your components separately, you should define the value "collective requirements only" for this field. Dependent requirements and reservations will not be planned under the individual stock and can be grouped together at plant level.