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Webinar - SAP S&OP Practical Steps to Launch for Results


Plan4Demand discusses how to best understand, evaluate and move forward with SAP S&OP powered by SAP HANA.

We'll provide insights to a rapid, yet effective, approach to launch the evaluation process and prepare for a proper pilot.

Key take-a-ways include:

•A quick review of the value and benefits of a high-performance Sales & Operations Planning Process

•A concise overview of exactly what functionality SAP's S&OP on HANA provides

•How the solution can best overcome common obstacles and drive process maturity

•Practical steps to get started ◦Evaluating fit for your needs

◦Framing a practical fit

◦Planning requirements necessary for a successful pilot

If you are fatigued from a "Brute-Force" data intensive S&OP process that is often a day late and a dollar short, this solution is for you. Real-Time Information is no longer out of reach.


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