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How to create a loyalty program - 3/4

Hello Everybody,

This is the third part of our documents showing how to create a simple loyalty program. I hope you haven't missed neader of then, but in case that this happened you can check right here:

First part shows how to configure a member activity ->

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Hope you have enjoyed and don't forget to share your experience!

As soon as possible I will be uploading the loyalty overview, it's already done! So, please stay tuned!

All right, regarding this last document, shows how to create rules for our loyalty program.


1.1.    Create a Reward RulE Group

1.     In the hierarchy click button “NEW”

2.     Select the option “Reward Rule Group” and fill the fields “New ID” and “New Description” and press “Create”

3.     Assign the following values according to the table below:









Combinability Type








We can check in the image below:

4.     Save the reward rule group

5.     Edit the version of the Reward Rule Group by clicking

6.     Assign the activity type and hit the button

7.     Release the reward rule group

8.     Check if the version was released

9.  Change the status to “Released”


11.  Save it again and check if the reward rule group was properly saved

You can go to the last part of our documentation here ->

Best regards,

Caíque Escaler

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