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SAP Product Stewardship Network

Register - Sustainability Assessment

Watch a short video on how to register here or read the instructions below.

Who should register on SAP Product Stewardship Network for Sustainability Assessments?

After your company receives an invitation to SAP Product Stewardship Network for Sustainability Assessment please identify the correct contact in your company for the registration. The person who registers on SAP Product Stewardship Network for Sustainability Assessment will be asked to participate in upcoming surveys and complete the questionnaires. Please make sure that the person who registers on the system is authorized to do so and has access to relevant information on behalf of your company.

How do I register on SAP Product Stewardship Network?

There are two starting points for registration:
  • Either you have received an email invitation from a company already registered sent through SAP Product Stewardship Network containing a company-specific registration link or
  • You use this generic registration link.

The registration process is almost the same either way. Both the registration link in your email and the generic link will lead you to a web page asking you to provide the following data:
  • Username: can be chosen by you (case sensitive)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address: make sure to use a valid email address. The system allows one registration per email adress.

After submitting your data, you will receive an activation email to validate your email address. Click on the activation link in this email. You will then be prompted to set a password. Make sure you continue this process because the activation link is valid for 2 hours only. After this period you need to use the "Forgot your password" process in the logon dialogue to receive a new activation link.

Good to know:
Please note that if you already have a user account at SAP, for example at SCN or SAP Service Marketplace (SMP), you may not be prompted to set a password. In this case, your SCN or SMP password is also valid for SAP Product Stewardship Network.

If you are responsible for more than one company, please register one account for each company. Please note that the system supports only one registration per email address. Therefore you need to use a different email address to register an additional company account.

Once you have set your password, you may be prompted to choose the scenario for which you want to register. Select Sustainability Assessment from the options. (You may or may not see more than one scenario. Please make sure to choose Sustainability Assessment in any case.)

Then fill in your company profile, which includes:
  • Company name
  • Company address data
  • DUNS number (optional)
  • VAT number (optional)

Please note
  • Your company profile will be visible for other companies on the network
  • You can edit your company data at any time after registration

If you have registered based on an email invitation from a registered company directly through SAP Product Stewardship Network, you will be able to access the system immediately after completing your company profile and you will automatically be connected to the company that invited you.

If you have registered using a generic link, your account data will be validated by SAP. This validation may take up to 24 hours. After validation you will receive a confirmation email and have access to SAP Product Stewardship Network. You will have no pre-established connections on the network i.e. you will need to set up your customer/supplier connections manually.

As a next step, we highly recommend you to also register on our Support Plattform, which is our main support channel and preferred way to communicate news. Content on our community is visible without registration. However, you need a registered account (independent of your account with SAP Product Stewardship Network) to create content (e.g. support requests).

Complete or edit your company profile & add your company logo

During registration you have already provided basic information about your company. As a next step, add the following information to complete your company profile:

- Industry

- Supply Chain Role

- Number of Employees

- Region

- DUNS number

- You can also add a company description and upload a company logo.

Providing more profile details will help business partners to find you on the network.

How to add information to your company profile:

Simply click on the company name in the top right corner of the screen to open the company profile, click EDIT, update the information and click SAVE.

How to upload a company logo:

In your company profile click on EDIT to change your company information. A pop-up will open which allows you to upload your logo. Click SAVE after it has been loaded. Your logo will now be visible.

How do I register on SAP Product Stewardship Network Community?

To create an account for the community, click on REGISTER at the top of this screen. Fill in the details requested and submit your data. You will then receive an activation e-mail. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to view and create community content. Get more information here.

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