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Maintenance Optimizer

  • Scope

This doc is mainly focus on Maintenance optimizer in solution manager 7.1 sp05 or higher.

Since 2014-12-3, MOPZ provided new backend services with SAP note 1940845 - MOpz: enhancement to support new backend services.

Please always implement the latest version of the 1940845 and read the documentation attached in the note.

The error message analyzing is still adequate for MOPZ in both SOLMAN 7.0 and SOLMAN7.1.

The doc will be updated accordingly.

  • Knowledge before running MOPZ

Maintenance Planning Guide for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05-08

Pay high attention to

      1. chapter 5 Modeling System Landscapes in SAP Solution Manager
      2. Maintaining System Tracks with Maintenance Optimizer in chapter 8

          Specifics in Installation and Upgrade: How to install, model, and upgrade specific SAP products, like adding Portal content to SAP NW, SAP SEM, update to  SAP NW 7.3 hub, IDM ... (in addition to the Maintenance Planning Guide

SDN Blog: "How to configure product system and technical system to run Maintenance Optimizer"

  • MOPZ errors analyzing step by step

    1. MOPZ step 1 - Plan Maintenance

    2. MOPZ Step 2 - Select Files

      MOPZ Step 2.2 - Confirm Target

      MOPZ Step 2.1 - Choose Stack

      MOPZ Step 2.3 - Choose Add-on Products

      MOPZ Step 2.4 - Select OS,DB-Dependent Files

      MOPZ Step 2.5 - Select Stack-Independent Files
      MOPZ Step 2.6 - Select Stack-Dependent Files
      MOPZ Step 2.7 - Confirm Selection
    3. MOPZ Step 3 - Download Files

    4. MOPZ Step 4
    5. MOPZ Step 5

  • MOPZ news

1.update to Netweaver 7.40 with business suit is supportted by MOpz currently.

2.Mopz supports addons based on  SAP NETWEAVER CE 7.1, 7.11,7.2 also

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