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SAP Runs SAP Tweeters

As a quick refresher, here is an overview of the program and what our team does. SAP Runs SAP is an SAP Business Innovations & Application Services program that enables SAP to be an early adopter and first reference customer of SAP applications, solutions and products in each of the five market categories. Our collaboration with SAP Development means we can provide early feedback from a customer perspective.  With SAP acting as an early adopter within the product lifecycle, we help to improve the product functionality and quality for our customers. And as a trusted advisor and enabler for our customers, SAP Runs SAP is helping SAP customers run better.  (Quicklink: /go/sap-runs-sap)

You can consult our in-house experts to learn more about the scoping, design, implementation and execution across a huge range of SAP’s innovations. Here are some influential people to connect with and follow on Twitter!

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