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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition Tutorials

  1. Installation and Setup
    This tutorial will walk you through the installation of the software, as well as the addition of hosts and servers to the on-demand edition environment.
  2. Adding and Removing Database
    This tutorial walks you through how to add, start and stop databases in the cloud.
  3. Making Client Connections
    This tutorial teaches you how to establish client-side connections, using dbping, with databases that are running in the cloud.
  4. Moving a Database
    This tutorial shows you how to move databases within the cloud. This includes moving running databases to other servers on the same host or to servers running on a different host.
  5. Backup and Recovery
    This tutorial walks you through the procedures of backing-up a database and viewing the list of database backups. It also covers plans for recovery and validation activities.
  6. Tagging and Tasks
    This tutorial discusses tags and tasks that can be created to manage objects within the cloud environment, once you have created the cloud and added hosts, servers and databases.
  7. Tenant Database Monitoring
    This tutorial shows you a way to monitor and proactively detect problems in tenant databases using the SQL Anywhere Monitor tool.
  8. Managing Users, User Privileges, and Cloud Rules
    This tutorial shows you how to create and edit cloud users for the cloud and assign certain privileges to them.
  9. Cloud Rules
    This tutorial shows you how to define and use cloud rules.
  10. Customizing Cloud Settings
    This tutorial walks you through how to customize settings for the cloud.
  11. Accessing Client Billing Information
    This tutorial will teach you how to retrieve and read billing metrics from your cloud.
  12. Tenant Mirroring
    This tutorial shows you how to configure tenant read-only scale-out systems and high availability systems in the cloud.
  13. Running SQL Statements
    This tutorial shows you how to execute SQL on databases in the cloud.
  14. Using SQL Anywhere Admin Tools
    This tutorial shows you how to use SQL Anywhere and its administrative tools to work with the databases in the cloud.
  15. Connecting to Databases using HTTP or HTTPS Web Services
    This tutorial shows you how to connect to your databases in the cloud via an HTTP or HTTPS web service.

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