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SMP - Enterprise Scale Mobility: Videos on Life Cycle Management


SAP Mobile Platform: Enterprise Readiness Built-Ins

The SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) is a one-of-a kind solution for enterprises that take mobility seriously. SMP provides you with state of the art technology guaranteeing enterprise ready operations, with built in features including Security, Performance, Supportability, Lifecycle Management and more.

In this series of SCN pages, we drill down into Enterprise Readiness.You'll find links to White Papers, How-To Guides, recorded presentations and demos, Blogs and other resources that dive deep into any of the five selected topics.

SMP on Topic: Life Cycle Management

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<span style="color: #999999;">Overview & Resources</span><br/>Recordings from Webinar Series

SMP Enterprise Readiness: Webinar Series

In addition to the assets that you find on the above referenced SCN pages, we - the SAP Mobile Rapid Innovation Group (RIG) - host a series of webinars around Enterprise Grade Mobility with SMP (check the link for schedule and dial-ins).

The webinars are presented by mobility experts from within SAP: Every week, every Thursday, and they are free to attend! And yes, we'll post recordings a few days after the sessions!

Below you find 5 full-length recordings as well as a series of 5 recordings 'Setting-up SMP in a Microsoft Failover Cluster'.

Full length recordings

Introduction to Life Cycle Management with SMP

SMP System Landscape Design - Considerations


  • Assessing the needs and requirements
  • Designing the landscape
  • Implementing the SW
  • Maintaining the environment

The presentation is available in PDF here.


  • Detailed view into Assessment & Design Phase

PDF version of presentation

SySAM - Introduction and Troubleshooting

Relay Server and Outbound EnablerĀ  - Installation and Configuration


  • SySAM Installation Profiles
  • Verification of SySAM Installation
  • Systems impacting SySAM
  • Changes to License, and additional resources

Also posted on the Supportability & Troubleshooting page.

The presentation is available in PDF here.


  • Deploying the Relay Server components to Microsoft IIS Server
  • Configure IIS to host Relay Server components correctly
  • Generate Relay Server configuration
  • Set up Outbound Enablers on each SAP Mobile Server node.

Co-presented with 'Relay Server - Troubleshooting'.

Integration of SMP with CTS+


  • Introduction to CTS+
  • Transportable Objects of SMP
  • Process Overview
  • MBO Package Example

The presentation will be available soon.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Setting-up SMP in Microsoft Failover Cluster

@Ali Chalhoub, a senior Support Architect from our Active Global Support team has created this series of recordings, in which goes through all steps involved in setting up SMP 2.3 in a MS Failover Cluster. In addition to the "do's" he points out to things one should definitely avoid during the set-up: Making this series a must-see for anyone setting up SMP!

Part 1: Introduction to Topic

Part 2: Installing the Data Tier


Introduces the topic, explains the discussed scenario and prerequisites.

Explains the system architecture, goes through the install of the Data Tier and verifies that MS Cluster works correctly.

Typical pitfalls are explained.

Part 3: Installing and validating 1st Server NodePart 4: Installing & validating 2nd Server Node

Goes through installation of Node 1 of the SMP cluster.

Goes through installation of Node 2 of the SMP cluster.

Part 5: Verification of System Set-Up

Explains how to tests that the cluster set up works correctly.

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