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SMP - Enterprise Scale Mobility: Videos on Security & Identity Management

SAP Mobile Platform: Enterprise Readiness Built-Ins

The SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) is a one-of-a kind solution for enterprises that take mobility seriously. SMP provides you with state of the art technology guaranteeing enterprise ready operations, with built in features including Security, Performance, Supportability, Lifecycle Management and more.

In this series of SCN pages, we drill down into Enterprise Readiness.You'll find links to White Papers, How-To Guides, recorded presentations and demos, Blogs and other resources that dive deep into any of the five selected topics.

SMP on Topic: Security & Identity Management

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Security OverviewRecordings from Webinar Series

SMP Enterprise Readiness: Webinar Series

In addition to the assets that you find on the above referenced SCN pages, we - the SAP Mobile Rapid Innovation Group (RIG) - host a series of webinars around Enterprise Grade Mobility with SMP (check the link for schedule and dial-ins).

The webinars are presented by mobility experts from within SAP: Every week, every Thursday, and they are free to attend! And yes, we'll post recordings a few days after the sessions!

Introduction to security Topics with SMP


    1. SMP Security Overview
    2. Transport Security
    3. SMP Application Identification
    4. Server Security Configuration
    5. DMZ Security
    6. Client Security

Mobile Secure - Application Wrapping with Mocana


    1. Introduction
    2. Application Wrapping
    3. Application Federations
    4. Mocana Secure Browser
    5. Architecture & Deployment
    6. Frequently Asked Questions
    7. Live Demo

Mobile Secure - X.509 Certificate Authentication for SMP


  1. X.509 Certificates
  2. SMP 2.3: Tool used to manage X.509 certificates
  3. SMP 2.3: Process to create & import X.509 certificates
  4. NetWeaver: Tool used to manage X.509 certificates
  5. SMP 2.3: Process to import NetWeaver X.509 certificates
  6. NetWeaver: Process to import SMP 2.3 X.509 certificates
  7. Provide SMP 2.3 X.509 Certificate to the device

PDF of the presentation will be added 

Mobile Secure - How to Develope Secure Business Apps


@Martin, part of the SMP Product Management, discusses different approaches to mobile app security and describes use cases for which they apply.

The presentation is available here. 

Mobile Secure - Integration of SMP and CA SiteMinder


Former Member, part of the global SAP Mobility SWAT team, explains in details what SiteMinder is, how it can be used with the SAP Mobile Platform and which advantages it brings.

  1. Enabling Security for Mobile Apps
  2. Introduction to CA SiteMinder
  3. Flavors of HTTP Authentication
  4. Configuring & verifying a Security Profile

The presentation is available here.

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