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FAQs - Compliance Declaration


For general information, registration, login and passwords: Please look also at the FAQs for SAP Product Stewardship Network.

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There are component declarations and product declarations. What is the difference?

In SAP Product Stewardship Network the terms product declaration and component declaration are used. These terms describe the same declarations, but from opposite sides of the supply chain. Declarations you create as a supplier are referred to as product declarations, while declarations you request as a customer from your suppliers are referred to as component declarations.

Why are there two work centers - one called SUPPLIERS & COMPONENTS and one called CUSTOMERS & PRODUCTS?

There are two work centers, because most companies are in the middle of the supply chain. Hence, they do have suppliers and customers. To administer your suppliers and the components they deliver to you, go to the SUPPLIERS & COMPONENTS work center. To administrate your customers and your own products, navigate to the CUSTOMERS & COMPONENTS work center.

How can I find out for which products I need to provide a declaration?

Normally your customer will send you a declaration request for products you deliver. Open the request to see which products you are asked to provide a declaration for. To do so, logon to PSN. Then navigate to the Work with Customers tab and open the tile Answer Requests From Your Customers to review the list of products you are asked to provide a declaration for. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Who can see my data?

PSN is a business network and your company profile is visible within PSN to other participants of the network. When you publish compliance declaration data on the network you can choose which companies on the network are allowed to see the data

What does the status In Review mean?

Declarations are automatically set to status In Review when a new version of a regulatory list has been published. Please review your declarations and update them accordingly.

How can I update my product declarations with regard to an updated EU REACH Candidate List?

PSN provides regulatory substance lists for EU REACH and EU RoHS. List updates are provided continuously upon official release by legal administration bodies.
The system will notify you to update your declarations in accordance with the new list revision. The revision status of your declarations is visible to others. Make sure to update your declarations in a timely fashion: Users of the Basic Edition can update their product declarations by clicking the UPDATE EU REACH SVHC button for each declaration. If you are using the Professional or Enterprise Edition you can update all declarations by using the Start REACH SVHC button. All declarations will then be updated at once.
Independently of the PSN edition, you can update the compliance information for all products in a family simultaneously by updating the family declaration.

SAP EHS Management 4.0 Integration

What is the difference between SAP EHSM 4.0 and SAP Product Stewardship Network?

EHSM 4.0 is designed to be the in-house compliance system, with robust compliance analytics and flexible reporting tools, and support for integration. EHSM 4.0 supports email-based, 1:1 supply chain compliane & material declaration exchange.
Product Stewardship Network is designed to be a many-to-many online collaboration community, where participants can invite and connect to their supply chain, and streamline the exchange of material and compliance declarations. Product Stewardship Network can be used to manage supplier collaboration on material declarations, and the resulting declaration information can be managed in EHSM in order to assess compliance, generate product level declarations, and support embedded product compliance controls in relevant processes.

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