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SD (Sales and Distribution)

Incompletion Log in SD


In general

Incompletion Log ensures that all required fields in a document are populated. Incompletion procedures can be configured to (1) raise no messages, (2) raise a warning message, or (3) raise an error message.

If configured with no warning message, the system will indicate the sales document is incomplete and offer an option to complete missing data upon save. The incompletion procedure determines to what extent further processing of the document is allowed and if subsequent documents can be created. If a document is incomplete, it cannot be referenced.

Incompletion procedure

An incompletion procedure groups the fields together that must be checked for completion. If any of the fields are blank, the document is incomplete. Incompletion procedures can be assigned and maintained at various levels and for various document types:

  • Sales header (different procedures can be assigned to different document types)
  • Sales item (item categories can contain different procedures)
  • Schedule line (each can contain different procedures)
  • Partners (can maintain different procedures for each partner function)
  • Sales activity
  • Delivery header
  • Delivery item

To display the procedures run transaction OVA2 or use the IMG path > Sales & Distribution > Basic Functions > Log of Incomplete Items > Define Incompletion Procedures.

Incompletion procedures are assigned to each document type via transaction VUA2 or use IMG path > Sales & Distribution > Basic Functions > Log of Incomplete Items > Assign Incompletion Procedures > Assign Procedures to Sales Document Type. The incompletion procedure can be viewed in document configuration (VOV8) but can only be changed here. To prevent the document from being saved if any fields are incomplete, check the box IC-dialog. In example below document type CR (Credit Memo Request) cannot be saved if any fields in incompletion procedure 14 are not populated.

Sales - Header Group (A) uses incompletion procedure 14 which contains the following fields:


The Table, Field Name and Description fields above are self explanatory. Screen field is the function code (Fcode) the system uses to navigate from incompletion log to the screen where field is missing. If no entry is made here, you cannot branch to correct screen to complete missing data. See Note 422132.

The available Fcodes for sales header screens are:


No automatic screen selection available      

KBESSales: Header - PO data
KBUCSales: Header - Financial accounting
KDE2Sales: Header - Shipping
KDE3Sales: Header - Billing document
KGRUSales: Header - Additional data A
KKASSales - Item proposal: Header - Business data
KKAUSales: Header - Sales
KKNTSales: Header - Product allocation
KKONSales: Header - Conditions
KKPBSales - Independent Requirements: Header - Business data
KPARSales - Header - Partner
KPAR_SUBSales: Header - Partner (Subscreen)
KSTASales: Header - Status
KTEXSales: Header - Texts
KTPRSales: Account determination analysis
KVERSales: Header - Extras - Sales data
KZKUSales: Header - Additional data B
WPA1Sales: Header - Partner - Detail
WUMASales - Delivery order: Header data

Status group indicates whether system will record a status message in item or header status screens in sales document. Path: transaction OVA0 or IMG > Sales & Distribution > Basic Functions > Log of Incomplete Items > Define Status Groups.

Warning indicates if a warning message is received if no entry is made. Can only be used for fields in sales order. If this box is not checked but fields are incomplete, upon saving the document you will be brought to incompletion screen where you can branch to each missing field.

Sequence refers to the order the missing fields will be processed in the incompletion log. The first field to be procesed is given the lowest value but fields with no value are processed last.

Status groups

Status Groups are assigned to specific fields in the incompletion log and control further processing of the document.  It is possible to specify that if field X is missing, further processing is allowed, but if field Y is missing, no further processing is permitted. Further activities of the document can be blocked, for example, the sales document can be saved but a subsequent document for delivery, billing, or pricing can be blocked. Status groups can be defined in transaction OVA0. 

Standard Status Groups include:

General: Checks status of general fields assigned to this status group in the incompletion procedure. General fields can include PO Number, document date, etc. 

Delivery: Setting this status in the status group and assigning the status group to a field in the incompletion procedure causes the sales document to be incomplete and may prevent creation of delivery document, e.g. if the plant or shipping point is missing.

Billing: Setting this status causes the sales document to be incomplete for further processing and may prevent the creation of a billing document, e.g. if the terms of payment is blank in the sales order.

Pricing: If pricing is not carried out, the sales document is incomplete and may prevent subsequent billing documents from being created.

Goods Movement: System determines the status of the goods movement data by checking the fields that comprise this status group in the incompletion procedure. For example, you can specify that the item data of a delivery is incomplete for goods issue if the quantity picked is missing.  If the quantity

picked is not specified during delivery processing, the system issues corresponding status message. This is only valid for shipping documents.

Picking: You can specify that the item data of a delivery is incomplete for picking if the serial numbers have not been assigned, and the system issues corresponding status message. This is only valid for shipping documents.

Packing: You can specify that the item data of a delivery is incomplete for packing if the external delivery identification is missing.  If the external delivery identification has not been specified during delivery processing, the system issues status message. This is only valid for shipping documents.

This table indicates whether the system records a status message in the header and item status screens of sales documents. If you mark this status for a particular status group, the system determines the status by checking the fields assigned to the status group in the relevant incompletion procedure. If some or all of the fields are missing information, the status message says that the function is partially incomplete or incomplete. If all the fields are filled, the status message will say complete.


  1. Set up Status Groups (OVA0).
  2. Define procedure (OVA2).
  3. Assign status group to fields (OVA2).
  4. Assign procedure to various document types as follows:
    1. Orders (VUA2)
    2. Deliveries (VUA4)
    3. Items (VUP2)
    4. Schedule Lines (VUE2)
    5. Partners (VUPA)
    6. Sales Activities (VUC2)
  5. Set Error or warning message (VUA2).
  6. Test expected results.

Important transactions

OVA2Define incompletion procedure
VUA4Assign incompletion procedure to delivery type
VUA2Assign incompletion procedure to Sales document Header
VUP2Assing incompletion procedure to Sales item category
VUE2Assign incompletion procedure to Schedule line category
VUPAAssign incompletion procedure to Partner functions
VUC2Assign incompletion procedure to Sales Activities
OVA0Define Status groups
V.02List incomplete sales orders
VUA2Set warning or error message on document save

Important tables

VBUVIncompletion log - Sales documents
VBUKHeader incompletion
VBUPItem incompletion
TVUVSStatus groups
V50UCIncompletion log - Deliveries
V50UC_USERIncompletion log - Deliveries - Enhancements
FMII1Funds Management Account Assignment Data
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